Marathon Bombing Victim Adrianne Haslet Hit by Car

Marathon Bombing Victim Adrianne Haslet Hit by Car

BOSTON, MA – Adrianne Haslet, victim of the marathon bombing, has been struck again. The dancer was one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing back in 2013. In fact, she was one of the seventeen people who lost a limb due to the attack.

However, despite the pain and suffering she endured after the bombing, she managed to dance again. Haslet competed on the hit show, Dancing with the Stars. And, she even ran the marathon again, back in 2016. She has a prosthetic limb, which allowed her to both dance and run.

The accident occurred around 7:15 pm. The driver, cited by police, stated that he never saw Haslet due to the rain. Now, Haslet is in the hospital. The accident occurred in Boston. She was hit by a car while on a crosswalk on Commonwealth Avenue Saturday evening.  This information comes from an Instagram post that she shared.

Haslet revealed a few details of the crash, stating: “Thrown int the air and landed, crushing the left side of my body.” In the photo she posted on Instagram, she is in a hospital bed wearing a neck brace. She also wrote: “I’m completely broken. More surgery to come.”

According to some of her previous social media posts, it appears that she was training to run the marathon this year in 2019. Now, it is unclear what will happen, as she undergoes treatment. Hopefully this is the last hurdle Adrianne Haslet will have to endure post-marathon bombing.

Free Fun in Boston NYE Weekend

Free Fun in Boston NYE Weekend

Bostonians… New Years Eve weekend is just around the corner. While Christmas has come and gone, there is still fun and celebrations to be had throughout the city. And, with it, there are plenty of events, shows, and activities to participate in. While you may have spent your last spare dollars over the Christmas holiday, you don’t have to worry. You can still head out for a bit of free fun this Boston NYE weekend!


If you haven’t been there already, you can still check out the Christmas tree at Marketplace Center at Faneuil Hall. They are still putting on the Blink! Light and Sound Show ever half hour. The show features some favorite holiday songs in sync with the blinking lights. This will continue until the first of January.

For more art and lights you can head over to Somerville and check out their new art installation: nightLIGHTS. Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone teamed up with the Somerville Arts Council to bring bright artwork to public spaces. The art was created by Chinese artist Wen Yu and Lam Partners, the light design consulting firm. You can view their pieces outside the East Somerville Library as well as in Davis Square Plaza and Union Square Plaza.


While you are in Somerville, you can also stroll through their Winter Farmers Market from 9:30 am to 2pm on Saturday. They will have food from local vendors and even some live music. The jazz-pop duo, Fashionflower plans to perform.

For more free musical fun, there is the Boston Baroque Free Community Concert on Sunday, starting at 2 pm. The Boston Baroque is North America’s first Baroque orchestra. Viewers will love this free Bach and Vivaldi concerti. The Grammy-nominated orchestra is sure to put on a fantastic performance of “Brandenburg Concerto No 4 in G Major.” Simply register your tickets online beforehand to secure a spot at the show!

So, keep these events in mind when you are planning your Boston NYE weekend. Even if your budget is tight, you can still enjoy the fun of the holiday season!  

Candlelight Vigil Thursday After Revere Car Accident

Candlelight Vigil Thursday After Revere Car Accident

candlelight vigil

REVERE, MA – Thursday evening, the people of Revere, MA will come together for a candlelight vigil. This will honor the tragic death of five-year-old Adriana Mejia-Rivera. She died in a Revere car accident over the weekend.

She was hit by a car this past Sunday. Rivera and her family were standing, waiting, in the median on Revere Beach Parkway when the accident occurred.

According to the authorities, there were two adults present with Rivera, along with two other children. One of the children was Rivera’s younger sister, Natasha. She is only two months old. They were hit around 5pm while at the intersection of Route 145 and North Shore Road.

The driver who hit them was Autumn Harris, 42 years old. She had an arraignment on Monday. Then, she was held on $10,000 bail. She pleaded not-guilty to the charges. These charges included motor vehicle homicide.

Apparently, Harris claimed that she’d drank one beer earlier in the afternoon. In addition, she took both prescription and over-the-counter medication in order to sleep the previous night. She then worked all day on Sunday after sleeping only a couple of hours.

Natasha is still in critical condition. She is at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Revere is praying for the safe recovery of Natasha and the rest of the injured family.

Tyler Thornburg Comes to an Agreement with the Red Sox

Tyler Thornburg Comes to an Agreement with the Red Sox

Lately, there have been many disputes about how Tyler Thornburg’s break from the Red Sox should be handled. On Friday, November 30, 2018, the Red Sox announced they have come to an arrangement of a one-year deal, despite Thornburg’s relief from the team.

Fans, unsure about the deal, are uneasy with his abandonment of the team in September. In summary, Tyler Thornburg was unable to play for the 2017 season due to an intensive surgery. This surgery was to treat thoracic outlet syndrome, but the pitcher was supposed to return to the mound in 2018. Although he did return to the team, he left after playing in 25 games. The player claimed it was to better focus his efforts on the upcoming 2019 year, especially since he performed with a 5.63 ERA.

Taking advantage of his full off-season, the player hopes to redeem himself to his former glory. As one of the best pitchers for the Milwaukee Brewers, he went 8-5 with a 2.15 ERA and was able to strike out more than 12 batters for every 9 innings. Hopeful towards a successful year, Thornburg’s deal is estimated to be about $1.75 million for the year.

The team itself also plans to create 29 new contracts for the upcoming year. These twenty-nine unsigned players are a new addition to their big-league roster. Also, ten Red Sox players have already signed deals for the next season. Presently, they have a single opening on their forty-man roster.

It’s times like this that the team looks to the fans for their support. Winning the World Series in 2018, the Red Sox hope to continue their winning streak and form a great team for the upcoming season.

Boston Says “No” to Single-Use Plastic Bags Starting Next Month

Boston Says “No” to Single-Use Plastic Bags Starting Next Month

BOSTON, Massachusetts — The next time you are in a store, a question like, “Paper or Plastic?” will not be heard. Here is why.

It is almost the holiday season, and the city enacts a plastic bag ban effective one month from today, on December 14 – just in time for the holiday shopping.

boston plastic bag banSingle-use plastic bags will not be handed out to shoppers; moreover, shoppers need to bring their own bags or pay a minimum of 5 cents to buy the store’s bags which will be reusable.

The commissioner of the city’s Inspectional Services, William Christopher Jr., believes that it is a cultural change as people are used to not bringing bags to a store.

In addition, city councilors and the Walsh administration said the plastic bag ban will contribute a significant support for the city’s solid water waste and recycling systems.

In contradiction, the president of the Retailers Associate of Massachusetts, Jon Hurst, said the ban is unfortunate and not pro-consumer. He stated that the banning conversation among retailers turned from opposition to mitigation of harm for sellers and customer. According to him. A statewide law is needed for consistency.

During the summer, there were no fees for the single-use plastic bags. However, the current law is a game changer and will affect:

  • Businesses with more than 20,000 sq. ft.
  • Establishments with 10,000 sq. ft. or more (ordinance compliance is needed)

By July 1, 2019, the ordinance must be complied with by businesses.

Additionally, not every type of plastic bag is forbidden to use. Those that are used by dry cleaners and those which are used to pack meats, frozen foods and newspapers are excluded.

Take a Second Look at Boston: Alternative Ways to Explore The City

Take a Second Look at Boston: Alternative Ways to Explore The City

BostonBoston is known for its Faneuil Hall and the Samuel Adams Brewery. But let’s have a look at the bunch of alternatives to the most touristy restaurants, markets, monuments, and parks in Boston.

If you have ever been to Boston, you probably joined the hungry crowd gathered for shrimp cocktails and platters of oysters at the Union Oyster House. This historic place has been serving its clients since 1826.

The North End’s Neptune Oyster is a better alternative for the phenomenal East and West Coast oysters. It also has a fairly reasonable wait time.

This place is also perfect for date nights or, why not, after-work oyster slurping. You will be served with daily seafood specials, as well as a stellar lobster with fries. Yummy!

In case you are looking for a bakery everywhere you go and want to avoid long lines, check out Bova’s Bakery at Salem Street. You won’t believe, it’s open 24 hours.

No trip goes without shopping, right? For boutiques, galleries, specialty stores check out Charles Street in Boston’s Historic Beacon Hill neighborhood. Enjoy getting new stuff in a more relaxed neighborhood atmosphere.

During lunchtime, you will see the crowd of tourists fighting for oversized pretzels in front of Faneuil Hall.

To have irresistible apple cider doughnuts come to Boston Public Market. You can also get edible souvenirs, such as a bottle of local craft beer from Hoopsters Alley and a jar of honey from the Boston Honey Company.

When it comes to Boston, you have everything in one place.  For entertainment, Arnold Arboretum is a wonderful place to get to know with 4000 kinds of trees, vines, and shrubs.

The scent of the lilac collection from Explorers Garden will amaze you.

To sum up your wonderful trip, visit the Boston Fire Museum, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. With free admission, and, bonus for kids- a real firehouse dog named Sparky.

Simply enjoy!


An Apple ID Owner? Be Careful, You are Targeted by Scammers

An Apple ID Owner? Be Careful, You are Targeted by Scammers

apple id scamBOSTON, Massachusetts – According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a new email is getting common among people which notifies about a recent iTunes purchase and it is linked to your Apple ID.

You have read the email but don’t remember about the purchase? That’s because you maybe didn’t even make that purchase, but it’s okay, in the email, it’s saying that there are instructions on how to cancel the order if it’s not yours. And what are the instructions? Of course! Opening the attached file.

The first thing you do is to click “yes” or “open,” because you don’t give a second thought about what purchase is this or when I did that I don’t remember. However, keep in mind that in every situation like that you need and must give a second thought and think, “Wait a minute, what action is this?”

In this kind of emails, there are always signs leading to a scam.

Pay attention to the format. It doesn’t even have your name on it, and it’s not something to be shocked about. It is a sign of a scam.

Also, the next thing is paying attention to the grammar and word spelling, in case of some errors, they also can be a sign of a scam.

One of the most important ones to pay attention to is, “Open the Attached File” phrase, it is a major red flag for a legit email.

Never believe that!

There are different ways to do phishing nowadays, and you can’t just check them daily to be true they are legit because some of the scammers have all the needed ways to take other companies’ logos and everything.

So, in this case, Apple offers some ways to avoid the scamming. A legit purchase from the actual company will include a link which will lead to the actual website and not to an unknown website filled with unknown content.

Never do anything with that kind of fake websites, do your purchases or any other personal or financial info update on the actual website of the company.

Calling the company can be a rescue if you are not sure if it’s an actual email or not.


Be careful and take care of your data!


$1 Billion Investment in Boston by London-Based Developer For Dormitory

$1 Billion Investment in Boston by London-Based Developer For Dormitory

Boston student housingBOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – $ 1 billion investment will be made by a London-based developer of private dormitories for opening a headquarters in Boston.

The developer of dormitories for college students is planning to bring its business first of all to Boston, before expanding it all across the country.

The information about the companies’ expansion in Boston was released on Thursday. The company specialized in academic and private accommodation field will open its headquarters in Boston’s Fort Point District.

There is not much known about how the company will develop its dormitory options for students.

The founder and global executive chairman of the company called Scape is excited to be in Boston, where according to him the world’s the best academic and research institutions are based.

The founder of the company, Nigel Taee, believes there is significant shortage of student housing in Boston.

A London-based company operates from 2017 and provided over 12.500 beds in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.

According to the plan, $1 billion will be invested in Boston over the next five years to create 20.000 beds all across the country.

Boston will Increase the Number of its Houses by 30%

housingBOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS –The population of Boston is increasing at rapid paces. Consequently, the demand of new houses becomes an alarming issue for the Boston city.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh issued a statement saying the city increases its target of building new houses, apartments and condos by 30%.

Since 2011 the city has had a record of building over 18,000 units of housing. Nevertheless. The city undergoes a number of changes in various industries. New representations and establishment of new companies bring about a huge demand of new employees. Besides, the ever-booming economy and friendlier ecosystem push many residents to relocate to Boston.

In 2014, Walsh presented its strategy of supplying the city with 53,000 new houses by 2030. The building processes are quite in line with the plan. Nevertheless, with the increase of the population, the set target seems insufficient. It is estimated that by 2030 the population of Boston will increase to 759,727 from 709, 400.

Walsh mentioned that a program is currently developed within which affordable houses will be subsidized. Nevertheless, it will cost over $50 million annually. However, additional funding will be required for the program to make the apartment affordable for the Boston residents.


Do You Believe in Witchcraft ? Visiting Boston in Fall Will Make You Do So

Do You Believe in Witchcraft ? Visiting Boston in Fall Will Make You Do So

Boston Halloween witchIf you haven’t been in Boston during fall, you have missed out the cities’ amazing experience of the season.

Fall in Boston reminds a fairy tale with its richly colored foliage and crisp breezes. The scent of apples and pumpkins is everywhere.

If you decided to make it to Boston in fall, keep on reading. Boston has lots to offer.

For visitors, the best way to see more and to pay less is getting a Go Boston Card with the number of Boston area activities included.

Would you like to go back in time and see how it felt living like that? Well, visiting Boston Historic Salem will take you back to New England. Historic Salem is the oldest and most historic area of the United States. Feel history breathing down your neck in New England.

This area will give you the most amazing Halloween dominating October feel. Tourists who love scary and mysterious happenings in the fall are welcome to Boston Historic Salem.

There is nothing more appropriate than visiting The Salem Witch Museum for Halloween. It’s a must see for the whole family. Make the best of Halloween by having fun at the museum and also keeping yourself informed about historical context.

Do you believe in witchcraft? You better start!

At the museum, you will be exposed midwives and healers to witch hunts and Wiccans. You will be introduced to the story of the witch hysteria of 1962 in an educational, thought-provoking way. The gift shop of the museum sells everything from craftsman wares to the most intriguing Halloween costumes you will ever see.

Don’t forget to grab an original souvenir for your friends from the gift shop.

Boston is all about history. Take the longish Freedom Trail Tour to get to know the history of the colonial area. The tour is fun and educational at the same time.

Get dressed appropriately for being outside for hours. Boston can be breezy, especially close to the water.

Enjoy beautiful Fall season in Boston!