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Boston’s Parking System is Corrupt and Residents Demand Action

Boston’s Parking System is Corrupt and Residents Demand Action

bostonParking fines keep rising in Boston throughout the last few years, if not decades. For those who commute to work in town, it comes with a price.


Locals who live in the city are starting to have to pay for parking by their own houses.


City councils are calling it a “broken neighborhood system.”


Antonio Planas, a Boston Herald reporter, says that Boston city councils are trying to find a solution to this system.


Residents are being charged for getting parking stickers to be able to park in their own neighborhood. If they do not have the required permit parking, they will get fined each time they park in the neighborhood.


What’s worse is that the city is actually limiting the number of permits that are being bought or handed out to residents, meanwhile, parking enforcers are giving residents or others more tickets every day for not having the permits.


At Boston’s Committee on Planning, Development and Transportation, city officials are trying their best to fix this problem, since it really has become a big problem for Boston residents.


Those city officials have been frustrated with the fact that the city is giving out an unlimited amount of the residential parking permits and is not charging people for those permits. The problem is that certain neighborhoods do not have a lot of parking spaces available which makes it hard for the ones living in those areas to park their cars when they return home.


Councilors are thinking of pricing the permits $100.


Parking spots might take up to an hour to be found, which is not going to work for people either.


Mayor Marty Walsh does not agree with the price for the permits. He states, “this would impact residents who can’t afford to pay for their permit, meaning a police like this could directly penalize those who make the least and may have few reasonable and affordable alternatives to travel.”


It’s true. The city should to put an end to this and find a reasonable solution to fix the parking problem in Boston to help its low-income residents.


There is talk about finding alternatives, like some sort of satellite tracking parking system or giving people incentives to park somewhere else.


Residents, commuters, and visitors of Boston should not be punished for owning vehicles but instead given some sort of an incentive.


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