The Tesla Pickup Truck is Right Around the Corner

The Tesla Pickup Truck is Right Around the Corner
Tesla pickup truck

There’s a new Tesla model coming to town… and it’s got everyone excited. In fact, CEO of the EV automaker, Elon Musk, claimed he is very excited for this new Tesla model. And it is not the Model Y crossover that recently came out. The new project? A Tesla pickup truck.

And while it does not yet have a name, this new pickup truck should come out sometime within this year. Apparently, back in December of 2017, Musk announced that the release of the pickup truck come after the Model Y – and we’ve reached that time.

And although it is unclear when, there are some ideas as to what the truck looks like and what it might be able to do. In fact, some rendered images are available to look at. Some believe that the new pickup resembles a Ram 1500. And, Tesla equipped the new pickup with a fold-down front liftgate. In addition, just like the other Tesla models, people expect the new pickup truck to have a “frunk.”

On Twitter, Musk released a teaser image of the truck, as well. This indicates that the truck should be released shortly. Or, at least, the design for the truck has been finished and finalized. As a result, in his Twitter post, Musk referred to the truck as the “Tesla cyberpunk truck.”

And this isn’t the only electric truck on the way to the mainstream. More are on the way, including the Rivian R1T and the Bollinger B2. Both of those trucks are on the way to production soon. In fact, even Chevrolet and Ford claim that they have electric trucks brewing in their respective companies.

What do you think of the new Tesla pickup truck? Will the other companies come up with something worthy of competition?

Biking Dangers in Boston: Killed Cyclist Honored in “Ghost Bike” Ceremony

Biking Dangers in Boston: Killed Cyclist Honored in “Ghost Bike” Ceremony
bicycle safety

On Sunday, people throughout the Boston community joined together to remember a Cambridge woman killed in a bicycle accident. Her name? Paula Sharaga, a sixty-nine-year-old woman. A cement truck hit and killed her while she was riding her bike in the Fenway area. This awful incident occurred earlier this month. Bicycle safety is an issue in any major city, but especially in Boston. The city is cluttered with many narrow and poorly designed roads, including very limited bike lanes. Many cyclists have to ride dangerously close to vehicles on the roads.

Therefore, to honor Sharaga, the community put together a “Ghost Bike” ceremony. This honored her life as well as raised awareness about bike safety. Essentially, people in the community joined together in a bike ride in honor of Sharaga.

Now, family and friends remember Sharaga as an avid bicycle rider. They saw her also as an active member of the community, and a children’s librarian. In addition, she brought joy to the lives of many throughout her life.

The accident occurred in the area of Brookline Avenue and Park Drive. A sixty-seven-year old man from Salem drove the Boston Sand & Gravel that struck Sharaga. When emergency crews arrived, they transported her to the hospital. Later, she died at the hospital.

How can we increase bicycle safety in the city?

Many commuters believe that the city needs to do more to protect cyclists on the roads in order to prevent these tragedies. While drivers should take more caution in watching out for cyclists, perhaps with more bike lanes and other changes, the roads would be safer. Apparently, the intersection where the cement truck hit Sharaga was not designed well, especially for cyclists.

What do you think the city should do to prevent these tragic accidents and increase bicycle safety? How can automobile drivers and bicyclists better share the roads?

Truck Driving in High Winds

Truck Driving in High Winds

With Boston winter weather comes difficult Boston roads. This is especially a problem for truck drivers. While snow, ice, and rain can be tricky for all drivers, truck driving in high winds can be very difficult and dangerous. High winds are sometimes underestimated.

But, any driver who has experienced it knows the difficulty firsthand. The drive becomes risky for both you and other drivers on the road. So, before heading out into the windy streets, take a look at some of these tips for driving trucks in high winds.

Check Forecast and Wind Speeds

Before starting your drive, it is important to check the forecast. Are there any high winds predicted for the area of your drive? What are the speeds of the winds? Winds up to 60 miles per hour can actually overturn a trailer. So, it is better to know what weather conditions you’ll be facing beforehand in order to better prepare. Wind speeds from 40 miles per hour and up are dangerous for your truck, but can be manageable if less than 60, depending on the weight of the load you have.

And, before heading out into the windy drive, you should also double check your truck. Make sure everything is secure when you inspect your truck before leaving. This will help avoid any damages or shifting due to the wind and shakiness of the trailer.

Your Safety is Top Priority

Another tip to consider is using an alternative route to get to your destination. While you might have to drive longer to avoid truck driving in high winds, it can be worth it for safety and security. If another route is not helpful enough, simply stop driving.

If the wind conditions are hitting your trailer so badly that you can’t drive anymore, the best option is to pull over in a safe area and park. The best places to park are usually behind bigger buildings that block the wind, or park facing the wind. Your safety should be your top priority!

So, don’t let the winds blow you off course. Keep these tips in mind when truck driving in high winds, and stay safe on the roads for the remainder of this winter season!

Free Fun in Boston NYE Weekend

Free Fun in Boston NYE Weekend

Bostonians… New Years Eve weekend is just around the corner. While Christmas has come and gone, there is still fun and celebrations to be had throughout the city. And, with it, there are plenty of events, shows, and activities to participate in. While you may have spent your last spare dollars over the Christmas holiday, you don’t have to worry. You can still head out for a bit of free fun this Boston NYE weekend!


If you haven’t been there already, you can still check out the Christmas tree at Marketplace Center at Faneuil Hall. They are still putting on the Blink! Light and Sound Show ever half hour. The show features some favorite holiday songs in sync with the blinking lights. This will continue until the first of January.

For more art and lights you can head over to Somerville and check out their new art installation: nightLIGHTS. Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone teamed up with the Somerville Arts Council to bring bright artwork to public spaces. The art was created by Chinese artist Wen Yu and Lam Partners, the light design consulting firm. You can view their pieces outside the East Somerville Library as well as in Davis Square Plaza and Union Square Plaza.


While you are in Somerville, you can also stroll through their Winter Farmers Market from 9:30 am to 2pm on Saturday. They will have food from local vendors and even some live music. The jazz-pop duo, Fashionflower plans to perform.

For more free musical fun, there is the Boston Baroque Free Community Concert on Sunday, starting at 2 pm. The Boston Baroque is North America’s first Baroque orchestra. Viewers will love this free Bach and Vivaldi concerti. The Grammy-nominated orchestra is sure to put on a fantastic performance of “Brandenburg Concerto No 4 in G Major.” Simply register your tickets online beforehand to secure a spot at the show!

So, keep these events in mind when you are planning your Boston NYE weekend. Even if your budget is tight, you can still enjoy the fun of the holiday season!  

Tyler Thornburg Comes to an Agreement with the Red Sox

Tyler Thornburg Comes to an Agreement with the Red Sox

Lately, there have been many disputes about how Tyler Thornburg’s break from the Red Sox should be handled. On Friday, November 30, 2018, the Red Sox announced they have come to an arrangement of a one-year deal, despite Thornburg’s relief from the team.

Fans, unsure about the deal, are uneasy with his abandonment of the team in September. In summary, Tyler Thornburg was unable to play for the 2017 season due to an intensive surgery. This surgery was to treat thoracic outlet syndrome, but the pitcher was supposed to return to the mound in 2018. Although he did return to the team, he left after playing in 25 games. The player claimed it was to better focus his efforts on the upcoming 2019 year, especially since he performed with a 5.63 ERA.

Taking advantage of his full off-season, the player hopes to redeem himself to his former glory. As one of the best pitchers for the Milwaukee Brewers, he went 8-5 with a 2.15 ERA and was able to strike out more than 12 batters for every 9 innings. Hopeful towards a successful year, Thornburg’s deal is estimated to be about $1.75 million for the year.

The team itself also plans to create 29 new contracts for the upcoming year. These twenty-nine unsigned players are a new addition to their big-league roster. Also, ten Red Sox players have already signed deals for the next season. Presently, they have a single opening on their forty-man roster.

It’s times like this that the team looks to the fans for their support. Winning the World Series in 2018, the Red Sox hope to continue their winning streak and form a great team for the upcoming season.

Take a Second Look at Boston: Alternative Ways to Explore The City

Take a Second Look at Boston: Alternative Ways to Explore The City

BostonBoston is known for its Faneuil Hall and the Samuel Adams Brewery. But let’s have a look at the bunch of alternatives to the most touristy restaurants, markets, monuments, and parks in Boston.

If you have ever been to Boston, you probably joined the hungry crowd gathered for shrimp cocktails and platters of oysters at the Union Oyster House. This historic place has been serving its clients since 1826.

The North End’s Neptune Oyster is a better alternative for the phenomenal East and West Coast oysters. It also has a fairly reasonable wait time.

This place is also perfect for date nights or, why not, after-work oyster slurping. You will be served with daily seafood specials, as well as a stellar lobster with fries. Yummy!

In case you are looking for a bakery everywhere you go and want to avoid long lines, check out Bova’s Bakery at Salem Street. You won’t believe, it’s open 24 hours.

No trip goes without shopping, right? For boutiques, galleries, specialty stores check out Charles Street in Boston’s Historic Beacon Hill neighborhood. Enjoy getting new stuff in a more relaxed neighborhood atmosphere.

During lunchtime, you will see the crowd of tourists fighting for oversized pretzels in front of Faneuil Hall.

To have irresistible apple cider doughnuts come to Boston Public Market. You can also get edible souvenirs, such as a bottle of local craft beer from Hoopsters Alley and a jar of honey from the Boston Honey Company.

When it comes to Boston, you have everything in one place.  For entertainment, Arnold Arboretum is a wonderful place to get to know with 4000 kinds of trees, vines, and shrubs.

The scent of the lilac collection from Explorers Garden will amaze you.

To sum up your wonderful trip, visit the Boston Fire Museum, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. With free admission, and, bonus for kids- a real firehouse dog named Sparky.

Simply enjoy!


Do You Believe in Witchcraft ? Visiting Boston in Fall Will Make You Do So

Do You Believe in Witchcraft ? Visiting Boston in Fall Will Make You Do So

Boston Halloween witchIf you haven’t been in Boston during fall, you have missed out the cities’ amazing experience of the season.

Fall in Boston reminds a fairy tale with its richly colored foliage and crisp breezes. The scent of apples and pumpkins is everywhere.

If you decided to make it to Boston in fall, keep on reading. Boston has lots to offer.

For visitors, the best way to see more and to pay less is getting a Go Boston Card with the number of Boston area activities included.

Would you like to go back in time and see how it felt living like that? Well, visiting Boston Historic Salem will take you back to New England. Historic Salem is the oldest and most historic area of the United States. Feel history breathing down your neck in New England.

This area will give you the most amazing Halloween dominating October feel. Tourists who love scary and mysterious happenings in the fall are welcome to Boston Historic Salem.

There is nothing more appropriate than visiting The Salem Witch Museum for Halloween. It’s a must see for the whole family. Make the best of Halloween by having fun at the museum and also keeping yourself informed about historical context.

Do you believe in witchcraft? You better start!

At the museum, you will be exposed midwives and healers to witch hunts and Wiccans. You will be introduced to the story of the witch hysteria of 1962 in an educational, thought-provoking way. The gift shop of the museum sells everything from craftsman wares to the most intriguing Halloween costumes you will ever see.

Don’t forget to grab an original souvenir for your friends from the gift shop.

Boston is all about history. Take the longish Freedom Trail Tour to get to know the history of the colonial area. The tour is fun and educational at the same time.

Get dressed appropriately for being outside for hours. Boston can be breezy, especially close to the water.

Enjoy beautiful Fall season in Boston!



Boston Plans to Position itself as a Home for Start-ups

tech officeBoston is one of the top cities in America for start-ups, including 2016 and 2017 and venture investment in the Boston metro area. It hit $5.2 billion so far this year, according to Tech Crunch.

The city also has invested in various tech projects and aims to position itself as “a home for start-ups and other entrepreneurial activity,” as the National Endowment for the Arts website informs.

The Boston Globe has recently reported that Takeoff Technologies, a Boston-based tech company, recently raised $24 million from investors. The Series B funding round was led by Forrestal Capital and brings the startup’s total venture capital haul to $46 million.

Barry Canton, co-founder of Ginkgo Bioworks, informed “CNBC Make It” the city of Boston has been greatly helpful for the prosperity of the company. The company builds made-to-order microbes for customers in markets such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals and food. He mentioned that the company connects with the talent at MIT, Harvard and other universities and industries. And this wouldn’t be anywhere possible.

Akili Interactive Labs, a Boston-based startup, develops mobile video games intended to assess and treat a range of cognitive disorders. The company reported it licensed technology that aims to improve brain function through a combination of cognitive tasks and physical movement.

Indigo Agriculture, an agricultural technology start-up, has recently closed $250 million to launch digital farmer’s market. David Perry, CEO and the president of Indigo Agriculture agrees that Boston has a strong group of biotechnology investors who are open to exploring innovative technologies.

Moreover, the entrepreneurs believe that living in a diverse and cultured city ensures a high quality of life for the team and their families.

According to the Global Livability Index, Massachusetts is ranked one of the top 10 states to live in 2018, and Boston is the fifth most livable city in America.


Fun Weekend in Boston: ‘’Cannabis Education Village’’ Is About to Start

Fun Weekend in Boston: ‘’Cannabis Education Village’’ Is About to Start

Boston festival weekendLet’s skip the traditional way of spending the weekend in front of the TV and go out to explore Boston. A lot of fun is guaranteed with the Boston Comedy Festival this weekend.

The last final three days will feature some of the festival’s highlights, including the semifinals and finals of the stand-up competition. The entrance fee is $15-30 per show. Just keep in mind that children are not allowed to get in for the show.

Boston gives a lot of freedom to visitors. Despite complaints from neighbors, the annual pro-cannabis rally known as Hempfest will return to Boston. This is the second-largest festival of its kind. The festival will last for three days. It features musical performances and a ‘’cannabis education village’’.

It covers the topics like how to grow your own plants to start a small business in the marijuana industry.

The festival has free entrance and is open to people of all ages.

The opening of ‘’Hamilton’’ in Boston is pretty close. Everybody is welcome to sing along to some of their favorite songs from the musical at Cary Hall in Lexington this Friday. Don’t forget to get dressed for the event and don’t be surprised if you end up winning a life-sized cutout of ‘’Hamilton’’ creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

America’s Test Kitchen Boston Eats Festival will serve you with unlimited food from top Boston chefs and mingle with the stars of ATK’s long-running TV shows. Come here to enjoy food, wine and to have a glimpse of celebrity life.

Just in case you are going to bring your children with you, be certain, they are not going to be bored. On Sunday there will be a number of kid-friendly activities as well.

Boston will transform into a land of delicious food, performances, drinks and will allow you to set free from your daily routine.

Enjoy your weekend in Boston!


Fun Weekend With Family in Boston Before The School Start

Fun Weekend With Family in Boston Before The School Start

Boston Fun weekendIf you are looking for some place to have fun with your kids before the school year starts than Boston is the top destination for a few more family-friendly activities.

This Thursday Charlestown Navy Yard held a Family Day. Navy Yard covers activities with rope making, block and tackle, monkey’s first throw, and knot tying.

Eataly’s series of block parties will return Thursday night with another Piazza all” Aperto inspired by the food festivals held in the plazas of Italian towns.

The Italian food will include cannoli, gelato, pasta, mozzarella, and many other delectable dishes on hand, as well as frose, wine, beer, and cocktails to sip on while enjoying live music and lawn games in the heart of Back Bay.

Good news for visitors! The entry to the event is free. If you want to save some money on food and tickets, you can purchase them online.

For movie lovers, Boston offers plenty of outdoor movie screenings.

The top pick for this weekend goes to the Lawn on D for its showing of ‘’Black Panther’’ on Thursday.

Boston’s theater scene is still buzzing from the world premiere of ‘’Moulin Rouge! The Musical ‘’, and another big-name production named ‘’The Book of Mormon’’.It’s a musical from ‘’South Park ‘’ creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone that won nine Tony Awards in 2011.  You can get the tickets from 40-225 $. It will take place at the Boston Opera House on Sunday, August 26.

You want to celebrate Global Climbing Day by joining free climbing on August 18 ? Go ahead.

For every person who climbs at a Rock Spot gym, The North Face will donate $1 to the Khumbu Climbing Center in Nepal. It’s an organization that is committed to teaching responsible climbing practices through community-based programs.


Your visit can bring you more fun if you visit a zoo with your kids or family. On Saturday adults will run the show at the Franklin Park Zoo.

Visit animals and have fun with beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages from more than 40 vendors.

Pilates and yoga lovers are invited to an outdoor class followed by lunch. Sounds like a great Sunday, right?

Have a good vacation.