Boston Plans to Position itself as a Home for Start-ups

tech officeBoston is one of the top cities in America for start-ups, including 2016 and 2017 and venture investment in the Boston metro area. It hit $5.2 billion so far this year, according to Tech Crunch.

The city also has invested in various tech projects and aims to position itself as “a home for start-ups and other entrepreneurial activity,” as the National Endowment for the Arts website informs.

The Boston Globe has recently reported that Takeoff Technologies, a Boston-based tech company, recently raised $24 million from investors. The Series B funding round was led by Forrestal Capital and brings the startup’s total venture capital haul to $46 million.

Barry Canton, co-founder of Ginkgo Bioworks, informed “CNBC Make It” the city of Boston has been greatly helpful for the prosperity of the company. The company builds made-to-order microbes for customers in markets such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals and food. He mentioned that the company connects with the talent at MIT, Harvard and other universities and industries. And this wouldn’t be anywhere possible.

Akili Interactive Labs, a Boston-based startup, develops mobile video games intended to assess and treat a range of cognitive disorders. The company reported it licensed technology that aims to improve brain function through a combination of cognitive tasks and physical movement.

Indigo Agriculture, an agricultural technology start-up, has recently closed $250 million to launch digital farmer’s market. David Perry, CEO and the president of Indigo Agriculture agrees that Boston has a strong group of biotechnology investors who are open to exploring innovative technologies.

Moreover, the entrepreneurs believe that living in a diverse and cultured city ensures a high quality of life for the team and their families.

According to the Global Livability Index, Massachusetts is ranked one of the top 10 states to live in 2018, and Boston is the fifth most livable city in America.


Fun Weekend in Boston: ‘’Cannabis Education Village’’ Is About to Start

Fun Weekend in Boston: ‘’Cannabis Education Village’’ Is About to Start

Let’s skip the traditional way of spending the weekend in front of the TV and go out to explore Boston. A lot of fun is guaranteed with the Boston Comedy Festival this weekend.

The last final three days will feature some of the festival’s highlights, including the semifinals and finals of the stand-up competition. The entrance fee is $15-30 per show. Just keep in mind that children are not allowed to get in for the show.

Boston gives a lot of freedom to visitors. Despite complaints from neighbors, the annual pro-cannabis rally known as Hempfest will return to Boston. This is the second-largest festival of its kind. The festival will last for three days. It features musical performances and a ‘’cannabis education village’’.

It covers the topics like how to grow your own plants to start a small business in the marijuana industry.

The festival has free entrance and is open to people of all ages.

The opening of ‘’Hamilton’’ in Boston is pretty close. Everybody is welcome to sing along to some of their favorite songs from the musical at Cary Hall in Lexington this Friday. Don’t forget to get dressed for the event and don’t be surprised if you end up winning a life-sized cutout of ‘’Hamilton’’ creator Lin-Manuel Miranda.

America’s Test Kitchen Boston Eats Festival will serve you with unlimited food from top Boston chefs and mingle with the stars of ATK’s long-running TV shows. Come here to enjoy food, wine and to have a glimpse of celebrity life.

Just in case you are going to bring your children with you, be certain, they are not going to be bored. On Sunday there will be a number of kid-friendly activities as well.

Boston will transform into a land of delicious food, performances, drinks and will allow you to set free from your daily routine.

Enjoy your weekend in Boston!

Fun Weekend With Family in Boston Before The School Start

Fun Weekend With Family in Boston Before The School Start

If you are looking for some place to have fun with your kids before the school year starts than Boston is the top destination for a few more family-friendly activities.

This Thursday Charlestown Navy Yard held a Family Day. Navy Yard covers activities with rope making, block and tackle, monkey’s first throw, and knot tying.

Eataly’s series of block parties will return Thursday night with another Piazza all” Aperto inspired by the food festivals held in the plazas of Italian towns.

The Italian food will include cannoli, gelato, pasta, mozzarella, and many other delectable dishes on hand, as well as frose, wine, beer, and cocktails to sip on while enjoying live music and lawn games in the heart of Back Bay.

Good news for visitors! The entry to the event is free. If you want to save some money on food and tickets, you can purchase them online.

For movie lovers, Boston offers plenty of outdoor movie screenings.

The top pick for this weekend goes to the Lawn on D for its showing of ‘’Black Panther’’ on Thursday.

Boston’s theater scene is still buzzing from the world premiere of ‘’Moulin Rouge! The Musical ‘’, and another big-name production named ‘’The Book of Mormon’’.It’s a musical from ‘’South Park ‘’ creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone that won nine Tony Awards in 2011.  You can get the tickets from 40-225 $. It will take place at the Boston Opera House on Sunday, August 26.

You want to celebrate Global Climbing Day by joining free climbing on August 18 ? Go ahead.

For every person who climbs at a Rock Spot gym, The North Face will donate $1 to the Khumbu Climbing Center in Nepal. It’s an organization that is committed to teaching responsible climbing practices through community-based programs.

Your visit can bring you more fun if you visit a zoo with your kids or family. On Saturday adults will run the show at the Franklin Park Zoo.

Visit animals and have fun with beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages from more than 40 vendors.

Pilates and yoga lovers are invited to an outdoor class followed by lunch. Sounds like a great Sunday, right?

Have a good vacation.

2-year-old boy Was Killed By a Car:Protests For The Safer Streets in Boston

2-year-old boy Was Killed By a Car:Protests For The Safer Streets in Boston

A protest demanding street safety in Boston gathered residents in South Boston’s Tynan School on Thursday.

The incident that brought the community together was another tragedy that happened two weeks ago with a 2-year-old boy.

The little child was killed by a car on the sidewalk. Tragically, the little boy named Collin McGrath was in a stroller when a van jumped the curb after crashing into a small car.

‘’We should be able to leave our houses without the fear of getting hit by a car’’, the leader of the march, Kati Donovan said. Kati was hit by a car and she is still in the wheelchair. She has compassion for what’s happening in the streets because she has been through it herself.

People came from every corner of South for the gathering to protest against dangerous situation created by drivers for residents.

Kati Donovan led a slow-down march up to L Street, just past the corner of East 5th where little McGrath lost his life.

The city has since installed flex poles at several intersections for more visibility. But residents demand a master traffic improvements for all of the Southie.

Among protestors, there were people whose family members were killed in the streets. Deidre Habershaw said he remembers the promises given by the city officials to improve street safety, but yet, practically nothing happened.

His dad was killed more than five years ago.

For the safer environment, residents are demanding more traffic lights, four-way stop signs, speed bumps, crosswalks, and a 20 mph speed limit.

In response to the demands of the protestors, Boston Police Commissioner William Gross said that they have to address the issue, and they are willing to do so.

Residents are very going to watch the response from community leaders carefully. The continued inaction would impact how they would vote in November.

An MIT Dropout Might Have Created the Next Big Device

MITAn MIT dropout wants to change the game and hopes to help saves thousands of lives with his new device.


But before I reveal what type of device this is, let’s get to know a little about the inventor of it. Kai Kloepfer is a 21-year-old college dropout from MIT in Boston.


He grew up in Colorado and was always interested in technology as well as engineering. He first started working on this device back when he was still in high school. He created the first model for a science fair about 6 years ago. Since then, he has been working on it and improving it slowly here and there.


Now, he is working towards making his science project his new business. Lots of investors from California were willing to invest in his creation, which is how he was able to obtain funding for it.

So, what, might you ask, is this device he’s working on? It’s a smart gun. Yes, that’s right, a smart gun.


If it goes the way he hopes, his invention will be the first ever handmade smart gun!


How would a smart gun work? Well, according to Kloepfer, the gun has a sensor on the handle that will only recognize one fingerprint, the owner’s. It can only be used and functional when the authorized person uses it with the right fingerprint.


Since he was from Colorado originally, the movie theater shooting that occurred a few years ago had upset Kloepfer and motivated him to come up with the invention of the smart gun. He hopes this new device can help save the lives of innocent people.

Biofire, his company, is constructing the handgun by hand and incorporating the sensor in it. Kloepfer stated that the smart gun will need charging every once a year.


In his opinion, Boston might not be the right city for having a gun company, however, there are lots of talented people that are right for the position of working in this company. He says, “Boston is, in my opinion, the best city in the United States for hardware electronics.”


This will make all the difference, especially with gun-related deaths that happen year-round.

Boston’s Parking System is Corrupt and Residents Demand Action

bostonParking fines keep rising in Boston throughout the last few years, if not decades. For those who commute to work in town, it comes with a price.


Locals who live in the city are starting to have to pay for parking by their own houses.


City councils are calling it a “broken neighborhood system.”


Antonio Planas, a Boston Herald reporter, says that Boston city councils are trying to find a solution to this system.


Residents are being charged for getting parking stickers to be able to park in their own neighborhood. If they do not have the required permit parking, they will get fined each time they park in the neighborhood.


What’s worse is that the city is actually limiting the number of permits that are being bought or handed out to residents, meanwhile, parking enforcers are giving residents or others more tickets every day for not having the permits.


At Boston’s Committee on Planning, Development and Transportation, city officials are trying their best to fix this problem, since it really has become a big problem for Boston residents.


Those city officials have been frustrated with the fact that the city is giving out an unlimited amount of the residential parking permits and is not charging people for those permits. The problem is that certain neighborhoods do not have a lot of parking spaces available which makes it hard for the ones living in those areas to park their cars when they return home.


Councilors are thinking of pricing the permits $100.


Parking spots might take up to an hour to be found, which is not going to work for people either.


Mayor Marty Walsh does not agree with the price for the permits. He states, “this would impact residents who can’t afford to pay for their permit, meaning a police like this could directly penalize those who make the least and may have few reasonable and affordable alternatives to travel.”


It’s true. The city should to put an end to this and find a reasonable solution to fix the parking problem in Boston to help its low-income residents.


There is talk about finding alternatives, like some sort of satellite tracking parking system or giving people incentives to park somewhere else.


Residents, commuters, and visitors of Boston should not be punished for owning vehicles but instead given some sort of an incentive.


The City of Boston Expanding Driverless Car Testing Project

boston driverless carsSelf-driving cars have returned to the roads of Boston after a brief shutdown to review safety standards following the death of a pedestrian in Tempe, Ariz., and the city of Boston will expand its testing project.

The city has been working with self-driving car company nuTonomy, which has been testing autonomous vehicles in the Seaport since January 2017 under the supervision of Boston officials, after initially trying out the cars within the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Industrial Park.

The testing will be citywide from now on, the officials say.

It’s important to mention that in March, Massachusetts officials have delayed a plan to expand testing in the region.

NuTonomy Inc. and Optimus Ride, two Boston-based companies testing the technology in the Seaport District, took a break at the request of city officials, who sought to better understand the companies’ safety procedures after the Uber crash.

Since the accident, Uber has kept its self-driving cars off the road in Arizona, Toronto, Pittsburgh, and California. After that, Arizona, which has loudly championed a low-regulation environment for driverless companies, ordered Uber to keep its program halted in the wake of the death. Uber has also said it will not seek to extend its permit to test in California after it expires.

But in Boston, NuTonomy and Optimus Ride got the green light to resume operations from city officials the following Tuesday. The companies began testing the technology here last year, and nuTonomy offers a ride to some members of the public through a partnership with the ride-hailing firm Lyft. Neither company has reported any incidents from their Boston tests.

“We have met with our partners, nuTonomy, and Optimus Ride, to review the testing policies and procedures that are mandatory components of the City of Boston’s program. With this safety review complete, Boston will allow autonomous-vehicle testing to resume,” said Boston Transportation Commissioner Gina Fiandaca.

NuTonomy declined to comment beyond confirming resumption of its testing. Optimus Ride did not return requests for comment.

Meanwhile, state officials were originally scheduled to sign a new agreement with a coalition of several Boston suburbs that would allow companies to apply to test self-driving vehicles on their streets. The deal hasn’t been sealed until at least late April.

Among other standards, the Boston tests require a driver to be seated in the front seat at all times to take control of the car as needed.

Arizona allowed companies to conduct tests without a so-called safety driver. But in the Tempe incident, a driver was in the front seat when the car hit the pedestrian.


Robots Are The New Chefs At Spyce In Boston

robotsRobots are slowly taking over human jobs and this restaurant is ahead in the game. Spyce, a new restaurant in downtown Boston has replaced the regular human cook with robots. The idea was started by Chef Daniel Boulud, who partnered up with a few Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers.

The restaurant has seven automated cooking pots that prepare the food. The bots only take 3 minutes to prepare each meal, sometimes even less! Michael Farid, a co-founder of Spyce, explains how the system of their kitchen works with the robots. He states, “We have an ingredient delivery system that collects from the fridge.” He also explains how everything is equally portioned and sent to the robots to be cooked. Once the food is done, the robots place the food in a bowl and it is ready to be served.

Spyce might just be the first restaurant to have robots as chefs that cook meals faster than any other dining place. When customers enter the restaurant, they first create their meals. They use touch-screens to place their order. Every bowl contains lots of veggies and grains. The menu also includes the number of calories each bowl has and a variety of cuisines from all around the world.
As people wait for their meals to be finished, their name appears electronically displayed on their bot chef with the list of their order. Before the bots place the food into the bowl, they get rinsed with hot water to get cleaned. The robots are visible to the customers. They wanted people to have a different experience and have fun while waiting for their food.

However, Spyce does have human employees. They have a person who greets customers at the entrance who is also there to assist with placing orders and answering questions. They have people who prepare the food at night for the next day. The restaurant also has employees who add final touches to the meals, like bits of cheese, seeds or cilantro before it is ready to be served.

The team of Spyce believes that these robots make the dining experience better. The restaurant’s motto is “culinary excellence elevated by technology.” While human-made meals are delicious and great to have, this experience is one of a kind and a must try.

Lyft is Bringing Back Self-Driving Cars in Boston

Lyft is Bringing Back Self-Driving Cars in Boston

Self-driving cars are back on the road again!

Recently, Boston city officials gave permission to companies, Optimus Ride and NuTonomy to resume the testing of self-driving cars.

Lyft actually partnered up with the Boston-based company, NuTonomy. This will give Lyft’s clients the option to choose a self-driving car in the near future.

NuTonomy is not the first self-driving car company that Lyft has partnered up with. They have also partnered up with other self-driving auto companies, such as Waymo,, Ford, and GM. is helping Lyft create self-driving taxis to be used in San Francisco. Lyft paired up with GM to develop the self-driving Chevy Bolts.

Both co-founders of Lyft plan to have the majority of their cars be autonomous by 2021.

These self-driving cars have been testing in Boston since the start of 2018, mainly in the Seaport District.

One thing all of these companies have in common with each other is to make driving easier and safer with no human-caused errors to deal with.

Although there were a few bad incidents involving autonomous cars, the mayor met with Optimus Ride and NuTonomy, and reviewed their procedures. He trusts that these cars are safe to continue test driving.

He even believes these companies will have a positive impact and will make a huge difference in the future.

The rule is that all autonomous cars must have a driver on the wheel at all times.

As for expanding to other parts of the city to test these vehicles, it is being delayed until further notice from the state.

If these autonomous cars can survive the streets and weather conditions of Boston, then they will be much easier to drive in other cities with easier road systems.

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