An Apple ID Owner? Be Careful, You are Targeted by Scammers

An Apple ID Owner? Be Careful, You are Targeted by Scammers

apple id scamBOSTON, Massachusetts – According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a new email is getting common among people which notifies about a recent iTunes purchase and it is linked to your Apple ID.

You have read the email but don’t remember about the purchase? That’s because you maybe didn’t even make that purchase, but it’s okay, in the email, it’s saying that there are instructions on how to cancel the order if it’s not yours. And what are the instructions? Of course! Opening the attached file.

The first thing you do is to click “yes” or “open,” because you don’t give a second thought about what purchase is this or when I did that I don’t remember. However, keep in mind that in every situation like that you need and must give a second thought and think, “Wait a minute, what action is this?”

In this kind of emails, there are always signs leading to a scam.

Pay attention to the format. It doesn’t even have your name on it, and it’s not something to be shocked about. It is a sign of a scam.

Also, the next thing is paying attention to the grammar and word spelling, in case of some errors, they also can be a sign of a scam.

One of the most important ones to pay attention to is, “Open the Attached File” phrase, it is a major red flag for a legit email.

Never believe that!

There are different ways to do phishing nowadays, and you can’t just check them daily to be true they are legit because some of the scammers have all the needed ways to take other companies’ logos and everything.

So, in this case, Apple offers some ways to avoid the scamming. A legit purchase from the actual company will include a link which will lead to the actual website and not to an unknown website filled with unknown content.

Never do anything with that kind of fake websites, do your purchases or any other personal or financial info update on the actual website of the company.

Calling the company can be a rescue if you are not sure if it’s an actual email or not.


Be careful and take care of your data!


$1 Billion Investment in Boston by London-Based Developer For Dormitory

$1 Billion Investment in Boston by London-Based Developer For Dormitory

Boston student housingBOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – $ 1 billion investment will be made by a London-based developer of private dormitories for opening a headquarters in Boston.

The developer of dormitories for college students is planning to bring its business first of all to Boston, before expanding it all across the country.

The information about the companies’ expansion in Boston was released on Thursday. The company specialized in academic and private accommodation field will open its headquarters in Boston’s Fort Point District.

There is not much known about how the company will develop its dormitory options for students.

The founder and global executive chairman of the company called Scape is excited to be in Boston, where according to him the world’s the best academic and research institutions are based.

The founder of the company, Nigel Taee, believes there is significant shortage of student housing in Boston.

A London-based company operates from 2017 and provided over 12.500 beds in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.

According to the plan, $1 billion will be invested in Boston over the next five years to create 20.000 beds all across the country.

Boston will Increase the Number of its Houses by 30%

housingBOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS –The population of Boston is increasing at rapid paces. Consequently, the demand of new houses becomes an alarming issue for the Boston city.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh issued a statement saying the city increases its target of building new houses, apartments and condos by 30%.

Since 2011 the city has had a record of building over 18,000 units of housing. Nevertheless. The city undergoes a number of changes in various industries. New representations and establishment of new companies bring about a huge demand of new employees. Besides, the ever-booming economy and friendlier ecosystem push many residents to relocate to Boston.

In 2014, Walsh presented its strategy of supplying the city with 53,000 new houses by 2030. The building processes are quite in line with the plan. Nevertheless, with the increase of the population, the set target seems insufficient. It is estimated that by 2030 the population of Boston will increase to 759,727 from 709, 400.

Walsh mentioned that a program is currently developed within which affordable houses will be subsidized. Nevertheless, it will cost over $50 million annually. However, additional funding will be required for the program to make the apartment affordable for the Boston residents.


Japanese Drug Maker Takeda Moves to Boston

TakedaBOSTON, MASSACHUSETS – Takeda spokeswoman Julia Ellwanger issued a statement saying that Japanese Drug Maker Takeda will gradually relocate from Deerfield, Illinois to Boston.

The move was more or less expected. Its parent company that is based in Tokyo, is in the process of acquiring Irish drug maker Shire for $62 billion.  Once the deal is concluded, the company will start its major move.

Ellwanger mentioned that all the employees, unfortunately, will be affected by the move. Some will get an offer to relocate, while others won’t. Now, the company employs over 1000 employees.

The closure date hasn’t been announced yet. Nevertheless, the affected employees will be notified within six months of the completion of the Shire deal.

Takeda has been operating in the area of Chicago for more than 40 years. It is the largest biopharma employer in Illinois. In 2017, the company moved about 700 of its 1,700 positions to Massachusetts. It also leased a large building on its campus along Lake Cook Road.

The spokeswoman mentioned that this move will greatly help Takeda better funnel its pipeline and improve its operations.  The health industry is shifting from traditional drug compounds toward biologics and gene-based treatments. Boston offers a boosting infrastructure for research and development.


61 –Years Old Man Underwent 6 Surgeries After Being Bitten By a Shark

61 –Years Old Man Underwent 6 Surgeries After Being Bitten By a Shark

Boston sharkBoston, Massachusetts— The man was bitten by a shark off Cape Cod this month. He told how he could escape from the powerful predator by giving him a punch.

The shark attacked him on August 15.

William Lytton, who suffered the attack, told the details of the incident.

He said he had been swimming in about ‘’8 to 10 feet’’ of water off Trulo , Massachusetts when he felt an incredible pain shoot on his left leg and quickly realized he was being attacked by a shark.

The victim of 61-years-old from Scarsdale, New York gave the strong smack in the gills with his left hand. That action saved his life. However, as a  result he now has bandages and a brace around his left leg.

William Lytton doesn’t think of himself as a hero. He said everybody would have done the same.

The victim knew from documentaries that the most vulnerable parts of the shark were the gills. Lytton said the pain was intensely painful.

Medical professionals and nurses helped him when he got unconscious from the blood loss. Lytton was taken to Tufts Medical Center in Boston and was in two-day coma.

He underwent six surgeries and had nearly 12 pints of blood pumped into him.

Lytton’s recovery is going to take a while. He said he is not in a rush to go back to the ocean waters off Cape Cod.

‘’It’s kind of terrifying thinking about it. I know it’s not the best thing to say, but I didn’t like sharks before, and like them even less now.

A Man Arrested in Charges of Operating Under Influence and Resisting Arrest

A Man Arrested in Charges of Operating Under Influence and Resisting Arrest

YARMOUTH, Massachusetts — A taser was forced to be used by Police on Cape Cod to subdue a DUI driver who was resisting arrest after leaving a restaurant on Route 6 early morning on Monday, authorities said.

boston police chargesA call for help was reported at Oliver’s restaurant about 1 A.M. Officers were notified about an intoxicated man. According to the Yarmouth Police Department report, he had fled the parking lot after workers offered him a ride home.


Later, a taser was used by the teams od the officers to subdue 29-year-old Patrick Leary. He was both physically and verbally combative when he was found a short distance from the restaurant. The restaurant is located on South Yarmouth Road, officials said.

The South Dennis DUI driver also allegedly spit at the officers and swore at them after he was arrested on charges including operating under the influence, refusing arrest and disorderly conduct.

The suspect, Leary is slated to be arraigned Monday in Barnstable District Court.

If you possess any other information about the man or you are a victim, contact the nearest police department for providing information.


A Huge Food Hall is Going to be Opened in Boston in 2019

A Huge Food Hall is Going to be Opened in Boston in 2019

Boston Huge Food Hall 2019The Financial District project is planning to do the opening of a food hall in mid-2019 in Boston.

Good news for people working in the Financial District!  You are going to have diverse dining options.

Isn’t it great to have the menu grow and include more yummy food?

You have another year to wait for the area to become home to High Street Place.

It’s an 18.471-square –foot food hall that will unite the buildings of 160 Federal St. and 100 High St.

Still, a year ahead and approximately one-third of the vendor spaces have already been leased. Overall, the food hall will have 22 vendor spaces. This is according to the press release.

There is one interesting moment about the food place: each vendor is expected to sell something different.

To keep the visitors happy, High Street Place also plans on obtaining a liquor license so that the guests can drink beer, wine, and cocktails.

Michael Morris, the principal at Canadev , said they are looking for vendors passionate about food, beverage, and hospitality. And of course, vendors who love Boston!

Don’t worry about getting your food and being on your feet!  The food hall will offer 500 seats for guests.

You will also get a chance to listen to the live music in the area.

A construction for the project is still going on. Only in mid-2019, it will be done.

You wonder about the working hours of the stalls?

Majority of them will be open from Monday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 8 a.m. From Thursday to Saturdays from 11 10.p.m, and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 7.p.m.

It is pretty exciting to have another huge food place in lovely Boston.

The Massachusetts House Voted to Revoke Old Fashioned Laws in State

On Wednesday, Massachusetts House members put in a vote to revoke old-fashioned laws of Massachusetts. One of the laws that were reversed was the anti-abortion law that has been set since 1845.


The Massachusetts House had 139 votes that were approving to get the law removed and only 9 votes to keep the ban on abortion.


Massachusetts HouseDuring the vote meeting, Democratic state Representative Claire Cronin stated, “The changing dynamics of the Supreme Court is a real and legitimate concern.” Ever since President Donald Trump announced that he is determined to overturn Roe v. Wade, it has kept some House members concerned.


Though they did overrule to reverse the ban on abortion, lots of critics thought that there was no need to vote to reverse the law rendered in a ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in 1981. The ruling basically grants access to people who wish to get an abortion.


Some of the other laws that also got reversed by the vote yesterday include access to contraception.


In Massachusetts, people who are not married cannot be granted access to contraception, as well as abortions. They cannot even be given any information on either one of the two.


However, now because of the votes, people will no longer be held back from contraception or abortions. They will do as they please and it will be legal.


Two of the biggest supporters of rights to abortion and contraception are Republican Governor Charlie Baker and Senate President Harriette Chandler.


Their main goal is to make sure the people are protected if ever Roe v. Wade gets overturned.


The Catholic Action League Executive Director stated, “A possible future U.S. Supreme Court decision reversing or modifying Roe v. Wade would have no effect in Massachusetts.”

An Explosion Occurred After a Man Experimenting with Chemicals: 1 Injured

An Explosion Occurred After a Man Experimenting with Chemicals: 1 Injured

BOSTON, Massachusetts — Police say a home explosion in Massachusetts that sent one person to the hospital was caused by a man experimenting with chemicals.

boston explosionBoston Police Commissioner William Evans says the 28-year-old man was tinkering with the chemicals in his East Boston apartment early Sunday when they “blew up in his face.”

The explosion blew out windows in the 2nd-floor apartment and forced an evacuation of the building.

Police say the man that has been hospitalized with 2nd-degree burns is in critical, but stable condition.

Several weapons and live ammunition were found in the man’s home, according to Evans, but police do not believe the explosion is linked to terrorism.

Evans says the police department is working with the FBI to determine which charges the man will face.


Passenger Dies on a Flight from Houston to Boston

BOSTON, Massachusetts — A passenger died on a flight from Houston to Boston overnight.


Boston flight passenger diedUnited Flight 1888 left Bush Intercontinental Airport Tuesday night heading for Logan Airport, but about two hours into the flight – just before midnight – it was diverted to Washington-Dulles because there was a medical emergency on board.


When the Boeing 737 landed, medics met the crew on the runway, but the passenger had died.


Jonathan Guerin, a United spokesperson said in a statement Wednesday, “We are saddened to learn that our customer passed away. We extend our sincerest condolences to their family.”


He said that some passengers helped the crew trying to save the man. His name has not been publically released yet.


Sharon Kaye of Texas, a passenger on the flight, told the local news he was a man in his early 40’s who had a heart attack.


“Another passenger told me she was close to where the man was and that there were no defibrillators on the plane. Everyone was shocked and saddened by the situation,” Kaye said. However, United disputed the defibrillator claim.


“Our crew used all the available equipment including an AED defibrillator,” Guerin told the local news.


Kaye and the rest of the passengers have changed their plane to Boston at 3:09 a.m.


There is no further information available at this moment. The investigation is still ongoing.