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$1 Billion Investment in Boston by London-Based Developer For Dormitory

You are currently viewing $1 Billion Investment in Boston by London-Based Developer For Dormitory
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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – A $1 billion investment made by a London-based private dormitory developer will help it open a headquarters in Boston. This company will help Boston, a major research hub for the U.S., house its students much better. Hopefully, it will also make students at research institutions perform better.

The developer of dormitories for college students is planning to bring its business first of all to Boston, before expanding it all across the country. Therefore, it’s making Boston a testing ground for its foray into the U.S. market. Anywhere could be next for this ambitious developer.

The information about the companies’ expansion in Boston was released on Thursday. The company specialized in academic and private accommodation field will open its headquarters in Boston’s Fort Point District.

Will the company develop a new dormitory in Boston?

There is not much known about how the company will develop its dormitory options for students. However, they will certainly be quite interesting for all students. After all, the Boston area has a ton of excellent universities

The founder and global executive chairman of the company called Scape is excited to be in Boston, where according to him the world’s the best academic and research institutions are based.

The founder of the company, Nigel Taee, believes there is significant shortage of student housing in Boston. His company has lots of experience building dormitories for students in other countries. While it won’t be exactly the same in the U.S., he hopes to make things a little easier on Boston students.

A London-based company operates from 2017 and provided over 12,500 beds in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.

According to the plan, the company will invest $1 billion in Boston over the next five years. The company is making this investment in order to create 20,000 beds all across the country.

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