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A Forklift Was Hit By a Car in Fenway Park

You are currently viewing A Forklift Was Hit By a Car in Fenway Park
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At the home of the famous Boston-based baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, a car hit a forklift that was inside the stadium working on repairs. The historic Fenway Park had construction work done to remove staging that was present for an event that happened over the weekend. The driver behind the vehicle that was responsible for the accident had already gotten into a number of crashes earlier the same morning in the same vehicle. According to the Massachusetts police, the driver was in an accident in Back Bay around Boylston St. and Exeter St., as well as at the U.S. Coast Guard base.

In the Fenway accident, the vehicle reportedly entered through Gate C.

This accident occurred early Monday morning, just after 8 a.m. Two ambulances reported to the scene with a tow truck not far behind them in tow. The driver behind the accident was taken away from the scene in an ambulance quite fast. The tow truck was already pulling the vehicle away from the baseball field around 9 a.m., not long after the accident went down. The vehicle was a 2024 Honda Accord registered to a Colleen Marie Gibbs. The 48 year old from Salem was reportedly the driver at the time of the various accidents.

After the several accidents, Gibbs was placed under arrest.

The first of Gibbs’ accidents happened around 7 a.m. The police responded to reports of a vehicle driving aggressively in the area. The vehicle did not stop after the police started their siren and no further pursuit came as police department reported too high density of people and activity in the area at the time. Just about 30 minutes later, a hit and run occurred with the same vehicle details. The driver, who we now know was Gibbs, hit two vehicles. Once again, she fled the scene and was not pursued further until her vehicle registered once again, this time without the possibility to flee in the Fenway accident.

Thus far, no details regarding motive or a toxicology report have been released to explain the nature of Gibbs’ driving.

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