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Big Truck Companies Vs. Small Carriers

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Whether you decide to work for big truck companies, or the small ones, it’s your choice. However, there are significant differences between the two. Deciding on which carrier to work for is a matter of preference. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of advantages and a few disadvantages.

Advantages of Big Truck Companies

#1. Range. When you work for a large carrier, there is potential for more work. The reason being, big truck companies typically run an assortment of freight lines in addition to having multiple divisions.   

#2. Stability. Moreover, big carriers with good reputations are much more stable than unknown small truck companies.

#3. More Equipment. Additionally, large trucking companies are outfitted with lots of equipment, from trucks to trailers, and the likes. So, there’s never really an excuse to miss a run.

#4. Convenience. Furthermore, larger carriers may have their own amenities, such as repair shops, or company accounts with repair shops, hotel perks for drivers, and truck stop incentives, just to name a few.

#5. Benefits. Lastly, the health benefit packages are also a plus.

Disadvantages of Big Truck Companies

#1. Nameless. On the other hand, working for a larger company also means you’re one among many. In most cases, no one knows your name.

#2. Lack of Appreciation. Additionally, when you’re just a number, it’s even harder to be recognized for the hard work you put in, such as great service and on-time deliveries.

Advantages of Small Truck Companies

#1. Owner Accessibility. Moreover, with smaller truck companies, if any problems arise, the owner is likely available to you. Conversely, if you’re doing a great job, the owner will most likely know as well.  

#2. Fewer Expenses. Furthermore, smaller carriers often have lower overhead costs. Therefore, they can distribute more money to their drivers.

#3. Local smaller carriers. Additionally, driving for a small local carrier that ships all over the US and/or Canada will in turn profit your local community.

#4. Better Trucks. Lastly, smaller carriers often run a fleet of trucks that are better quality than those carried by larger companies.  

Ultimately, the decision is up to you! What are some other advantages and disadvantages between the two? Comment below.

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