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BMW iX 2022: A Tech-Oriented EV with an Eye on Design

You are currently viewing BMW iX 2022: A Tech-Oriented EV with an Eye on Design
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The BMW iX does make a strong first impression. This includes its polarizing exterior design to the good-looking interior to the majority of new tech on board, there is a lot of things to go over before you even hit the road.

BMW iX 2022 is Coming to the U.S. Next Year

Next year, the 2022 iX is one of two new BMW EVs that are coming to the U.S. Yet, while the upcoming i4 is just a 4 Series Gran Coupe with an electric powertrain, the iX is a clean-sheet design from the ground upward. In fact, it is unlike anything else in the BMW present portfolio.

It is made of a composite spaceframe, from what it starts with carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics, aluminum, and high-strength steel. In fact, this is the same framework BMW used when in the process of building the i3 hatchback and i8 coupe. The i3 hatchback and i8 coupe is just like those cars. Thus, the iX’s body structure is as light as it is really strong. It also looks cool. If you lift the iX’s hatch, you will see the exposed CFRP shell along with inset taillights that illuminate when the tailgate is, in fact, raised. Yes, safety is key and first.

Grille Features

The lightweight skeleton is laid over which is the iX’s smooth skin. It includes slim horizontal lighting elements. Plus a textured surfacing on the faux front air intakes. It also includes a roundel logo. This doubles as a windshield fluid port. In fact, the iX has that grille. However, it does instead of focus on its size or design. The grille has a polyurethane coating. This coating does make it less vulnerable to damage. As a result, it can actually fix itself. Thus, BMW says the self-healing effect takes about 24 hours. That is when left at room temperature, but things like small rock chips and scrapes will literally fade away.

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