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Boston Marathon And Other Events Cancelled

You are currently viewing Boston Marathon And Other Events Cancelled
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The Boston Marathon is one of the most exciting events for the city. For years it has been a staple in raising awareness for countless charities. This year has proven disastrous for almost all cities and states across the country. Due to COVID-19 the city will not be having the marathon for the 2020 year.

Boston Marathon To Reopen Next Year

The threat of COVID-19 has been the source of most of the worlds current problems. While many cities have not been as drastically effected by the virus, Boston remains a large fighting ground against it.

The effects have halted almost all small businesses and events for the remainder of the year. The threat of COVID-19 has pushed back almost all events for the city.

Boston Calling Cancelled

Another one of the largest events in the city is Boston Calling. Every year the festival hosts a multitude of huge names in the music industry. From The Gorillaz to the Beastie Boys to even metal acts such as Tool, the event gathering thousands.

The concert has already undergone their refund stages. The end date was April 28th but for those who could not fill out the refund request form, their tickets have rolled over to the 2021 event.

Events and bars will remain closed for an undetermined amount of time. This has caused a devastating blow to shop owners and event organizers who look forward to putting n these events for the public.

The precautions are necessary for the city to open up to regular performance. Event organizers have been cautious to continue with their concerts. Many have opted not to continue due to not wanting people to get sick or to be responsible for those who do.

For next year, things might look better. For the time being, events will be postponed to a later date.

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