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Boston is Potential Second Headquarter of Amazon

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amazon in boston

Boston- Bursting out of its headquarters of Seattle Amazon is hunting a new, second home. It is not amazing that every city in the U.S seeks to lure the e-commerce giant and Boston is not an exception. Boston is a potential site of new headquarters for Amazon.

Everyone wants to know the answer to the question of what Boston should do in order to persuade Amazon to build its second headquarters there. Few are asking whether it should do anything at all. After all, cities across the country are competing for the new headquarters. That includes New York City, which can probably offer an excellent package of benefits to Amazon. Time will tell where the megacorporation chooses to make its home.

Recently Amazon announced that it is already expanding in the territory. In addition, in July it also announced that is going to lease 150,000 square foot facility in the Fort Point neighborhood on Summer Street. This smaller facility will add 900 jobs.

Whether in Boston or somewhere else, Amazon is expanding.

On Thursday the company said that it is going to build another headquarter in North America. This new location will create jobs for some 50,000 workers. It will cost the company something in the neighborhood of $5 million to build.

When justifying why the selection of the second headquarters holding a public process Amazon said that it wanted to choose ”a city that is excited to work with us and where our customers, employees, and the community can all benefit.”

A professor at the Columbia Business School in New York had some concerns about the affordability of the cities Amazon was considering. She said that the city that will be chosen as a second headquarter of Amazon should have affordable housing prices for employees. She also added, “It’s hard to attract people if they can’t afford the housing available locally.”

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