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For 3.7 Million This Centenario Could Be Yours!

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A Lamborghini Centenario could be yours! With only 22 in produced, this V-12 powerhouse is a rare find to see up at auction.

With so many popular high-end sports cars, the event of having the same one as your neighbor can be embarrassing. Then it comes down to who got their first.

I remember growing up and wanting to be the first kid on my block to own a muscle car. It didn’t matter what kind as long as it was cool and it ran. That was when I was a kid. When you grow up, your tastes change. You find something more practical – like a Honda or Toyota. Well, for those who can afford a cool 2.7 million dollar car, there is a limited chance that will happen when you purchase the 2017 Lamborghini Centenario.

What are the specs of the Centenario?

The almost one-of-a-kind vehicle sports some amazing features! The 6.5 Liter V-12 engine sports 770 horsepower. Its clocked at 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. The car itself only has 369 miles on it and is considered “mint condition.”

The car can reach up to 270 miles per hour at full throttle. The interior looks like something only high-end luxury Italian engineering could make. The interior remains untouched. With the sleek “Rosso” coloring, it adds a “pop” to the slick black finish exterior.

The vehicle has one of the most effective braking systems in the automotive world. With carbon-ceramic brakes, the vehicle can slow down from 60-1 within 102 feet.

The roadster features the rear-wheel driving system. This is a first for the automaker. This allows total control when taking sharp turns at higher speeds. The vehicle also boasts a twin-plane front splitter. This acts to keep the car from taking off.

While this is only for those in the budget, the rest of us can dream of the smooth, sporty and fast ride of the Centenario. For one lucky person with a solid 3.7 million – they get to be one of only 20 owners of this rare luxury coupe.

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