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Chair Resigns After Mocking Names During Meeting

You are currently viewing Chair Resigns After Mocking Names During Meeting
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The chair of the Boston School Committee has resigned. He received a quick criticism for mocking the names of community members during a committee meeting, Mayor Marty Walsh announced Thursday, October 22th.

Chair Mock Names of People

Chair Michael Loconto was mocking names of people taking part in a discussion about exams schools in the Boston Public School District. This occurred during the virtual meeting that went late into the night.

Chair on Audio Recording

The names of upcoming participants from the community heard on an audio recording by the moderator of the meeting this occurred around 11:30 p.m.

Loconto said a series of names under his breath. This did not match the names of the people scheduled to speak. He seemed to mock those names.

Chair Michael Loconto Resigns

Mayor Mary Walsh accepted Loconto’s resignation Thursday morning.

Chair’s Comments Were Hurtful and Wrong

“While (Loconto) conveyed to me his personal embarrassment and his desire to seek forgiveness, his comments were hurtful and wrong,” Walsh said.

Walsh said no one wants to associate by a single moment in our lives. She felt no one knew it better than herself. Walsh regards Loconto as someone who has done important difficult works for the people of Boston. She mentioned specifically children. But felt she can’t accept the contempt of the members of its community.

Chair Loconto Apologized Twice

Loconto apologized at least twice amid a barrage of criticism. This resignation came afterward.

Initially, Loconto did apologize during the meeting. He said he had got a number of texts notifying him to what they heard.

Loconto Has Remorse and Regret

He said he did want to take a moment again and say he was if was a distraction earlier. His intent was not to offend anyone. Loconto said his comments out of context. He did not mean to reference anything in this meeting. Loconto said if anyone took offense, he was embarrassed and very sorry.

Chair Loconto Asking For Forgiveness

In fact, in a tweet Thursday morning, Loconto was asking forgiveness, stressing it was not his intent to mock anyone.

In addition, City Councilor Andrea Campbell, a mayoral candidate, asked for Loconto’s resignation. Campbell said his behavior not be tolerated by the Mayor.

Andrea Campbell Felt Deeply Let Down, Upset

Campbell said she was deeply let down and upset on Thursday. She said Loconto didn’t straight away apologize. Loconto tried to brush them off. Then get the people to continue with their public testimony.”

Other city councilors were in agreement with Campbell.

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