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Do You Believe in Witchcraft ? Visiting Boston in Fall Will Make You Do So

You are currently viewing Do You Believe in Witchcraft ? Visiting Boston in Fall Will Make You Do So
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If you haven’t been in Boston during fall, you have missed out the cities’ amazing experience of the season.

Fall in Boston reminds a fairy tale with its richly colored foliage and crisp breezes. The scent of apples and pumpkins is everywhere.

If you decided to make it to Boston in fall, keep on reading. Boston has lots to offer.

For visitors, the best way to see more and to pay less is getting a Go Boston Card with the number of Boston area activities included.

Would you like to go back in time and see how it felt living like that? Well, visiting Boston Historic Salem will take you back to New England. Historic Salem is the oldest and most historic area of the United States. Feel history breathing down your neck in New England.

Boston Feels Unique in Fall

This area will give you the most amazing Halloween dominating October feel. Tourists who love scary and mysterious happenings in the fall are welcome to Boston Historic Salem.

There is nothing more appropriate than visiting The Salem Witch Museum for Halloween. It’s a must see for the whole family. Make the best of Halloween by having fun at the museum and also keeping yourself informed about historical context.

Do you believe in witchcraft? You better start!

At the museum, you will be exposed midwives and healers to witch hunts and Wiccans. You will be introduced to the story of the witch hysteria of 1962 in an educational, thought-provoking way. The gift shop of the museum sells everything from craftsman wares to the most intriguing Halloween costumes you will ever see.

Don’t forget to grab an original souvenir for your friends from the gift shop.

Boston is all about history. Take the longish Freedom Trail Tour to get to know the history of the colonial area. The tour is fun and educational at the same time.

Get dressed appropriately for being outside for hours. Boston can be breezy, especially close to the water.

Enjoy beautiful Fall season in Boston!

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