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Driver Hits Police Cruiser 3 Times

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BOSTON, MA – A 42-year-old man allegedly rammed his vehicle, head on, into a police cruiser. In fact, he drove his vehicle into the squad car a total of three times. As a result, he is now facing multiple charges, including attempted murder with a motor vehicle.

The suspect’s identity has not been released. However, in addition to attempted murder, he will also receive charges of possession of ammunition without a license, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Along with operating under the influence, negligent operation, and failure to stop for police. Not only that but attempting to commit a crime: larceny of a firearm and attempting to commit a crime: larceny from a building as well. 

Hitting a Police Cruiser May Result in Charges

Following the Middleborough Police Department’s investigation, the suspect will likely face additional charges. His arraignment will be held Thursday in Wareham District Court.

According to a news release, police responded to a call around 9:34 p.m. which led them to Wareham Street. The call was regarding a reported disturbance at a home. However, once police arrived at the scene, the suspect allegedly fled. As a result, police followed. He led authorities into a parking lot, about a mile from where the initial disturbance was reported.

At that time, the suspect allegedly drove his vehicle head on into the police cruiser as it approached. As stated by police, he then backed up, and drove into the cruiser again. Then, backing up and driving head-on into the cruiser a third time. Subsequently, the suspect got out of the car and was arrested by police. Afterwards, he was transported to a hospital nearby by way of an ambulance.

Importantly, the officer in the police cruiser at the time sustained minor injuries. He was taken to another area hospital where he was treated and then released.

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