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Electric Vehicles In Boston By 2030

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Electric vehicles have seen their first-generation roll off the production line. With the first major push into the electric industry, many areas across the globe are putting efforts to reduce their emissions. Boston has made plans to reduce its carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

Go Boston 2030 Focuses on Limiting Drivers

Go Boston 2030 is an initiative put forth by the city to reduce the amount of traffic, carbon emissions and safer streets by 2030. The problem with Boston, like most cities, is traffic. Boston has a reputation as one of the worst cities to drive in. This is due to the geography and layout of city streets. A common complaint is that many people have a hard time navigating city streets. This is due to the foundation of the Boston roadway. During the cities establishment, most of the roads were developed for farming purposes. Horses and cattle were routinely used until the invention of the automobile. This is a stark contrast to city layouts like New York, where every road is based on a standard grid system.

Some of the largest factors are the amount of traffic within the city. Most commuters are single drivers going to and from work. By limiting areas of commute and switching to public transportation, the city plans to make a greater more positive impact on the environment. The city plans to move its public transportation system to an all-electric platform by 2030. Where citizens will typically drive to work, the push for alternate travel options has increased. This eliminates a significant amount of traffic, carbon emissions and makes heavily walked areas of the city significantly safer.

Boston Isn’t The Only Place With Electric Vehicles in Mind

Many cities across America have established electric services in some ways or another. With electric scooters being the big craze right now, many citizens have found cleaner and safer methods to traverse cities. Many of these are tourists looking to see the sites as well as daily commuters going to and from work. Now, we’re not going to tell you to take a scooter from Quincy into Downtown, but we would suggest taking the bus.

In other places in the world like Norway, their electric ambitions are far greater than anywhere in the US. The country itself has decided to switch to an all-electric car market by 2025. Thus eliminating their use of fossil fuels. There are a lot of factors that allow them to do this. The first is that Europe as a whole has developed effective recycling and environmental programs. The continent as a whole has a greener mindset than the rest of the modernized world. Norway is the undeclared leader of the pack. They have established such effective recycling programs that they import trash from other countries to help provide energy to homes across the country.

Electric Vehicles Are Here

Tesla was the first company to make the push into the consumer electric realm. Since then, they have been spearheading new and innovative designs for their vehicles. Many car companies are looking to jump into the foray of future vehicles. Companies like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan have all been at work developing electric vehicle technologies for Japan. While Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen have been developing their own set of EV’s utilizing their own charging systems.

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