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EVs are Brand New, Relatively Speaking… But Could They Be Used?

You are currently viewing EVs are Brand New, Relatively Speaking… But Could They Be Used?
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In an effort to minimize carbon emissions, electric vehicles are to do their best by staying on the road for as long as possible. And if they have to do so by experiencing second-life on the used-car lot, then so be it. EVs are popular. They’re flashy. They’re hip. But are they important? Only 70 percent of vehicles sold last year were used cars. This means if America is going to save the planet, they’re going to have to snag a used hero-mobile. There are other factors at play besides thrift.

For example, a researcher at the World Resources Institute, Ryan Sclar, says that “we need to get rid of every internal combustion engine in the next 15 or 20 years.” Because that’s apparently a perspective that is critical to help keep electric cars on the streets for as long as possible. Currently, however, not a lot of a market has been made for used electric vehicles.

In fact, electric vehicles hadn’t even made 1% of US vehicle sales until 2017. If you’re poking around for some older EV, certain selections can be limited.

A lot of new EVs had been under lease. After which dealerships disliked how they just lazed about on the lot. So much for “saving the planet.”

The anxiety afflicts new-car shoppers as well. But worse, yet, prospective buyers are concerned that expensive batteries in vehicles could bring it all down all at once. Sure there was a generation of electric lemons. Those suckers were around for some time.

But with all these Nissan Leafs and Volkswagen E-Golfs running loose, there’s a pretty good chance that new EV consumers, whether they like it or not, will be concerned about the usual in the instance of batteries exploding and parts becoming sentient and taking over the whole ride, as it were. There could be some hope.

Electric Vehicles had been the life and blood of many contemporary Americans. Such an easy way to save the environment, so it were. You can find good deals for EVs, and that makes other folks nervous. Are they really able to become used, cheap cars fast?

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