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Fenway Center is a Long-Planned Project That is About to Rise

You are currently viewing Fenway Center is a Long-Planned Project That is About to Rise
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Fenway Center project is set to begin immediately. It’s a development that is two decades in the planning. Moreover, it has promised to transfer the western edge of the city’s core, which will coalesce together two neighborhoods that have for many been split by a highway.

Fenway Center is an Ambitious Project

“Moreover, this is a very ambitious project, clearly. It’s a complicated as well as time-consuming,” said IQHQ’s chief investment officer, John Bonanno. “Therefore, we feel it’s very transformational. It will reconnect Back Bay to the Fenway where the highway has in fact separated them for a very long time.”

Moreover, the drive into downtown Boston from the west is about to change forever. So is the walk from Kenmore Square over to Fenway Park. It will put in a two-acre deck. This is following by a 350-foot tower. It will be above the Massachusetts Turnpike. That is between Brookline Avenue and Beacon Street. Two decades in the planning, the development promises to transform the western edge of the city’s core.

Massive Complex of Buildings

On late Friday afternoon, the developers, a partnership of Beverly-based Meredith Management and the life-sciences developer IQHQ, has, therefore, closed on a $55 million deal to lease so-called air rights from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. The two-year project involves driving about 500 piles into the sides and median of the Massachusetts Pike. Now, they will get to work on the deck. Then 90,000 square feet of laying the steel over them to serve it as the base for a huge complex of buildings.

Largest Project

Copley Place was built in the early 1980s. The Fenway Center is the largest project since Copley Place. It is the second underway on the Massachusetts Pike now. Parcel 12, is what Fenway Center is. It is a half-mile east. This where developer Samuels & Associates started work last summer on a deck. It will hold an office building, hotel, and plaza along the western side of Massachusetts Avenue.

Closures will be extending for and coordinating with Fenway Center. In fact, the project does already require that one lane be closed each way on the Pike. Thus, it does, in fact, effectively mean the turnpike will narrow to three lanes near Boston University. Moreover, rather than around Massachusetts Avenue, where, in fact, it did before the construction on the air-right project began.

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