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Fisker Plus Magna Seek Long Term Production of Ocean SUV

You are currently viewing Fisker Plus Magna Seek Long Term Production of Ocean SUV
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If you know anything about Fisker, and Magna, you know that these two are trying to make something revolutionary happen within the electric vehicle industry. From that spurs an agreement that possibly costs why, maybe millions upon billions of dollars. Whatever it may be as far as the price tag goes, Fisker is saying their Ocean SUV collaboration isn’t even really too scary.

Magna International Inc. finalized their manufacturing contract with Fisker, as it happens to be very similar in context.

Magma is looking to be the foremost electric SUV manufacturer by 2022. This will be fascinating for Fisker, Inc. who famously was split in two after their company had been bought out. The breakthrough that will put them over the edge will essentially.

The automaker group is yet to have made one of these production electric vehicles likely, since there is so much on the line. With all their constant promising and all, which tends to be redundantly stating “500 miles range” as well as “one-minute charging.”

These types of claims are both fascinating and dangerous. You would almost assume that they know about the Austrian site, rearing up to ready 3.7 million of these OEM units ready for the world.

Henrik Fisker himself had this to say: “We continue to strengthen our partnership beyond platform development and manufacturing into areas such as the development of Fisker Intelligent (FI) Pilot.”

The Ocean SUV by these two brands will have the best of both worlds. Such as the architecture being absolutely from Fisker and the actual building part of it being by Magna. Who knows if these plans will go anywhere? Chances are they can stick it out to the man who thinks he’s faster. There’s a good chance of these guys taking longer than the November 2022 deadline. And why shouldn’t they? Is that not the process of life? That’s how it all works. Delay makes for a better product. By the time these vehicles hit dealer floors, we bet they’ll be some of the best in the business.

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