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Guide to Driving in Boston

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The Boston streets are extremely narrow and hard to fit cars on.
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Any big city’s driving is bound to be different from another city’s driving patterns, due to differences in traffic patterns, street set-ups, and so many more factors. This means that if you are new to Boston, the driving may be different than what you are used to in other places. Boston has its own unique sets of driving rules and commonalities. Here is a guide with tips and tricks on how to navigate the streets of the old colonial city.

Be aware of the size of the streets.

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Much of the infrastructure lies in original buildings from the early colonies of the country. This means that the buildings were built to allow space for streets that just fit vehicles that they had in the 1700s. This led to them establishing very narrow roadways, many being one-way. Not only are the streets very tiny, but so are just about all parking spaces. It is very difficult to fit smaller sized cars in parking spots, let alone big ones.

We suggest renting a car, if possible, when driving around the city. With this, you would want to make sure you rent the smallest car option and that you get renter’s insurance with it. This will help alleviate some stress of driving your own car on the streets, especially if it is for the first time.

Be aware of other drivers’ lack of care for traffic signals.

Drivers in Boston do not always exactly follow the laws of traffic. Oftentimes when you come across a red light, many drivers will disregard it entirely and keep going if the traffic is clear. Some drivers even go so far as to speed up at a red light. We always suggest to not be this driver, but to prepare for these drivers. You will want to drive as cautiously as you can and be a defense driver who is always aware of your surroundings.

Be aware that drivers do not always use turn signals.

Another traffic law that many Boston natives often ignore is one requiring a signal when turning or changing lanes. Typically, you are supposed to turn on your turn signal to indicate these actions, but Boston natives simply do not most of the time.

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