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House Minority Leader Resists an Abortion Amendment in Budget

You are currently viewing House Minority Leader Resists an Abortion Amendment in Budget
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House Minority Leader Brad Jones is an Against Abortion Amendment in Budget

House Minority Leader Brad Jones has an issue with unfolding matter into the state budget debate in what he has called a hypocritical move by the chamber’s Democratic leadership.

Moreover, House Speaker Robert DeLeo committed Monday to bring to the floor a budget amendment that looks like the ROE Act. Therefore, this is a priority bill for many advocates and lawmakers. Then after, he said last week that major policy initiatives didn’t place in the House’s fiscal 2021 budget plan,

This legislation which is (H 3320 / S 1209) has been waiting to be put forth before the Judiciary Committee since the beginning of the session in 2019. More than half of the House members have signed on as co-sponsors. But now, democrats decided not to bring the bills to the floor before the elections. Yet now, they are positioning to take the issue on as a budget amendment.

House Minority Leader Brad Jones is Let Down by the Substance of the Bill as an Amendment and More

Jones has two issues in which he spoke to News Service Tuesday, November 10th. One is he thought the move to take up the heft of the bill as an amendment is disappointing. The other is an issue is conflicting messages from DeLeo, who represents the 19th Suffolk District, which includes Winthrop and part of Revere.

Push and Pull, Mixed Messages Regarding the Amendment

Jones said on the one hand, DeLeo said this is a major policy. So, on the other hand, he’s saying we shouldn’t do it,” said the North Reading Republican. “So it gets to like I said, do as I say, not as I do. Better to be king. That is because I can do what I want. The rest of you need to follow.”

Abortion Amendment Details

This amendment which has filed by Judiciary Co-Chair Claire Cronin (democrat from Easton), would allow abortions after 24 weeks if a doctor diagnoses a patient with a fatal fetal abnormality. Then lays out a way by which women under the age of 16 can go start a petition with a judge for the procedure without parental consent.

Gaining Renewed Momentum for Expanding and Codifying Abortion

The Expanding and codifying of abortion in Massachusetts gained additional momentum among advocates and elected officials. This took place after the confirmation of Supreme Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett has solidified a conservative majority on the nation’s highest court.

House budget deliberations resume on today at 11 a.m.

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