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If a Car Doesn’t Run, Can You Still Transport It?

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Whatever condition your car is in, we can help ship it!
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Not all cars that people ask us to ship are in great condition. While most people only need us to transport cars that they use regularly, sometimes people ask us to ship a car that doesn’t run. These cars may be classic cars that they’re planning to restore, cars that need mechanical attention, or salvage vehicles they just won at auction. However, if you need to ship a car that can’t drive on its own, we can help you!

Does your car just not drive, or does it not move at all?

The answer to this question will affect how much we’ll have to charge. After all, not all non-running cars are created equal. Some cars “don’t run,” but that’s only because the driver doesn’t have the keys. Some have significant damage to the engine block, but they can still roll around on their wheels. And, of course, some just can’t move at all. The exact condition that your car is in will affect what we have to do to transport it. This will affect the final cost of your car shipping service.

If your car doesn’t run, here’s how we’ll transport it:

At Boston Car Transport, we have a team that can handle cars in any condition. We have experience shipping non-running vehicles of all kinds. Once we determine the actual condition your car is in, we can begin the process of shipping your car anywhere in the country.

If your car can still roll around on its wheels, shipping it is easy. We’ll just use a winch to pull your car onto your preferred trailer! Whether that’s an open carrier or an enclosed trailer, our team will have no trouble loading your car if its wheels still work.

Vehicles that don’t move present a more serious challenge, but don’t worry! We can definitely still help you ship your vehicle. Our team will reach out to a crane or forklift operator to load your vehicle onto a trailer. We’ll have to use a flatbed trailer for these orders because we can’t load these vehicles onto our usual carriers. However, this isn’t an issue for our expert car shippers; we’ll still be more than able to handle your non-moving car!

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