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Irish Pubs’ Pared-Down St. Patrick’s Day in the Cradle of Liberty

You are currently viewing Irish Pubs’ Pared-Down St. Patrick’s Day in the Cradle of Liberty
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Irish pubs along with millions of other business has been affected by the Corona Virus outbreak and shuttered in the Cradle of Liberty. In the state, many Irish pubs have been known to stand out and long prized for its deep Irish roots.

Irish Pubs Suffer

In fact, last year, after mayor Marty Walsh canceled the 2020 St. Patrick’s Day parade in South Boston. Then Governor Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency and then subsequently ordered a three-week shutdown starting March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish Pubs Deal with Challenges in 2021 for St. Patrick’s Day

Moreover, some Irish pubs never reopened. While, others have felt the same devastating effects of the Corona Virus pandemic that other local restaurants and bars have a deal with, including revenue loss, layoffs, and unwelcome hibernations. Moreover, Irish pubs are still able to stay open on St. Patrick’s Day this year. Unfortunately, the holiday won’t draw the same crowds that were seen in 2019 celebrations. In fact, some people that are industry leaders think Boston’s Irish pub scene will ongoing start to feel the effects long after the holiday has passed.

The Black Rose Pub Major Celebrations on St. Patrick’s Day in 2019

Therefore, a longtime gathering space on St. Patrick Day, however, The Black Rose, near Faneuil Hall, draw major acts like The Dropkick Murphys and Black 47 on the holiday. This is where lines would start forming outside the bar at 6 a.m.

“The day would start off at the Black Rose where alot of people would be. Then, we just kept going right through 2 a.m. the next morning,” said Paul Wilson, director of operations at Glynn Hospitality Group. They own the pub. “There was a constant turnover where it was on one of those days.”

Bands will Play Instead on Multiple Screens for Guests in 2021

The bar has produced a 90-minute video of Devri this year. Devri is one of the bar’s regular bands. Their performance will play over multiple screens for guests. They are the ones who made dine-in reservations. A full Irish menu will be available. As will their full bar. Each reservation has to end after 90 minutes. At that point, the staff will sanitize the tables, reset the video, and welcome new guests. The Black Rose recently lost the bar’s second floor. Therefore, reducing its capacity from 420 to 196. This is due to the recent lease negotiations with The Black Rose’s landlord.

“We’re down to about 70 people, with the restrictions, which is what we can fit in with the distancing and everything else,” Wilson said. “Moreover, we try to put 70 people through every two hours throughout the day.”

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