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Japanese Drug Maker Takeda Moves to Boston

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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETS – Takeda spokeswoman Julia Ellwanger issued a statement saying that Japanese drug maker Takeda will gradually relocate from Deerfield, Illinois to Boston. This move will take a long-time corporate Midwestern resident and move it to the northeast. It also comes on the heels of a major acquisition by the company.

The move was more or less expected. Its parent company that is based in Tokyo, is in the process of acquiring Irish drug maker Shire for $62 billion. Once the deal is concluded, the company will start its major move across the northeastern part of the country.

Ellwanger mentioned that all the employees, unfortunately, will be affected by the move. Some will get an offer to relocate, while others won’t. Currently, the company employs over 1,000 people, but that number will fluctuate as the company handles its move. It seems likely that some people will lose their jobs, while Bostonian replacements will have the chance to take those positions from them. Such is the nature of a corporate relocation, unfortunately.

The closure date hasn’t been announced yet. Nevertheless, the affected employees will be notified within six months of the completion of the Shire deal.

Takeda Was a Midwestern Staple

Takeda has been operating in the area of Chicago for more than 40 years. It is the largest biopharma employer in Illinois. In 2017, the company moved about 700 of its 1,700 positions to Massachusetts. It also leased a large building on its campus along Lake Cook Road.

The spokeswoman mentioned that this move will greatly help Takeda better funnel its pipeline and improve its operations.  The health industry is shifting from traditional drug compounds toward biologics and gene-based treatments. Boston offers a booming infrastructure for research and development. Therefore, it seems as though Takeda’s executives felt those advantages outweighed the stress of a move.

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