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Lawmakers Have Proposed New Congressional Maps

You are currently viewing Lawmakers Have Proposed New Congressional Maps
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Lawmakers said on Monday it is unveiling a plan to retool the state’s nine congressional districts that reorganize many of their boundaries in a Northeast region. However, it avoids the significant overhaul which is redefining the redistricting process. Moreover, this did occur a decade ago, that is when the state lost one of its seats on Capitol Hill.

Lawmakers and Mapmakers

Mapmakers are proposing to put all of the Fall River into a district. It is presently represented by Jake Auchincloss. He is a freshman congressman from a local city in Boston. Auchincloss spent 10 years split between his Fourth District and the Ninth District. It is represented by William Keating. That is one important change this year regarding the district.

In fact, this plan would, in fact, still keep that local city and one nearby in the separate districts. It is going to really disappoint advocates who are, in fact, really pushing lawmakers to group the South Coast communities together in a single seat to thus increase the voices of the immigrant and minority populations they both share.

The lawmakers got “clear feedback to unify” one of the local cities into one district said Senator William N. Brownsberger, a local city Democrat and the Senate chairman of the Legislature’s redistricting committee. However, the legislative leaders did indicate they also had to juggle the other demands beyond calls to ensure it and another local city did share the representation.

“Thus, there is usually a path to bring the communities together,” state Representative Michael J. Moran, who is the House chairman of the redistricting committee said. However, did add, “you will have to take into perspective with all the principles and also there is some history and the geography and the numbers.”

The decision has also become a signpost about the proposal in the hours after the map’s release. It would largely be nipping and tucked in the edges actually around the many districts and then increase the share of people of color in the Seventh District. That is the state’s only majority-minority district. It is, in fact, presently represented by Ayanna Pressley of Boston.

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