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luxury car transport

By shipping luxury cars you are taking on a bunch of responsibility upon yourself. Generally, a car is a valuable possession itself. It becomes more valuable when you invest big amounts in your car moving it safely becomes a big deal. And at Boston Car Transport we can handle it. We understand how important the security is for Luxury Car Transport. Also, we transport sport, classic, race and other types of luxury cars. We guarantee our drivers will treat your car the best way possible. We have transported thousands of exotic cars during the years of our work. Our customers know they can trust us with Luxury Car Transport.

We can also ship your new luxury car from a dealership or an auction. Boston Car Transport help dealers and sellers deliver cars to their clients as well.  We have built great relationships with our clients. People who shipped with us know we are pro in Luxury Vehicle Shipping.


Boston Car Transport Knows Luxury Car Transport

We have Enclosed Vehicle Carriers. Although you can choose whichever method you prefer, an enclosed method is preferred for Luxury Car Transport. This way no weather or even road dirt will be able to get to your car. It is the safest way to Car Shipping. It is more expensive than more common Open Car Transport but it is the best when you ship an exotic car. You don’t want to risk anything when it comes to your piece of art on four wheels.

Boston Car Transport also offers full insurance. During Luxury Car Transport your car will be under full coverage. If anything, we can’t control happens on the road, the insurance will pay for any damages done during shipping. But there is nothing to worry about. The chance of an accident is extremely small. At Boston Car Transport, we just want to be sure that you are covered even if something really happens.

Interested in having your car delivered directly to your door? We offer Direct Car Shipping that relieves you of having to visit a pickup location to retrieve your car. You can reach us by calling 857-302-3744 today for free quotes and answers to any questions you may have.