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Lyft is Bringing Back Self-Driving Cars in Boston

You are currently viewing Lyft is Bringing Back Self-Driving Cars in Boston
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Self-driving cars are back on the road again!

Recently, Boston city officials gave permission to companies, Optimus Ride and NuTonomy to resume the testing of self-driving cars.

Lyft actually partnered up with the Boston-based company, NuTonomy. This will give Lyft’s clients the option to choose a self-driving car in the near future.

NuTonomy is not the first self-driving car company that Lyft has partnered up with. They have also partnered up with other self-driving auto companies, such as Waymo,, Ford, and GM. is helping Lyft create self-driving taxis to be used in San Francisco. Lyft paired up with GM to develop the self-driving Chevy Bolts.

Both co-founders of Lyft plan to have the majority of their cars be autonomous by 2021.

These self-driving cars have been testing in Boston since the start of 2018, mainly in the Seaport District.

One thing all of these companies have in common with each other is to make driving easier and safer with no human-caused errors to deal with.

Although there were a few bad incidents involving autonomous cars, the mayor met with Optimus Ride and NuTonomy, and reviewed their procedures. He trusts that these cars are safe to continue test driving.

He even believes these companies will have a positive impact and will make a huge difference in the future.

The rule is that all autonomous cars must have a driver on the wheel at all times.

As for expanding to other parts of the city to test these vehicles, it is being delayed until further notice from the state.

If these autonomous cars can survive the streets and weather conditions of Boston, then they will be much easier to drive in other cities with easier road systems.

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