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Mercedes 2022 EQS EV Does Not Look As Cool As The Vision EQS At All

You are currently viewing Mercedes 2022 EQS EV Does Not Look As Cool As The Vision EQS At All
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Mercedes is a car brand that represents elegance. How else do you get to be one of the most desirable car brands out there? You become the vehicular brand that has the energy of a classy establishment put into speed. There has always been a journey to find the very best that luxury can offer. And why not with the Vision EQS? I mean, Mercedes had it all rolled into one with the concept design. So to actually see what the EQS represents nowadays, is actually semi lackluster. Pictures couldn’t convey the scale of the vehicle at all. Apparently, there was a lapse of judgment between 2019 and 2021 with the actual model.

It’s surprisingly ugly.

True, the EQS has an impressive range of about 478 miles on a range sense, according to the WLTP. But It’s actually better than a Model S, from what it looks like. That said, the vehicle should be able to achieve about near 4 miles per kilowatt hour. There could be a chance that there’s less to achieve there but who really knows? Mercedes? They happen to be a company who though they value the machine, they can’t value the dream of making the vehicle look any but more amazing than it already appears to be. There also happens to be a good and sizable dash-to-axle ratio. The A-pillar is forward with the front wheel taking the brunt of it. In the world of electric vehicles, Forward Wheel Drive is basically a cost-saving packaging decision. But for Mercedes with big price tags, the vehicle has a good front fender.

Mercedes especially has one of the lowest drag coefficients but what does that matter if it doesn’t look cool like the concept? The original looked damn cool. And this one looks like some sort of drool. Retool it, Mercedes.

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