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New Laws in Massachusetts Coming in 2024

You are currently viewing New Laws in Massachusetts Coming in 2024
The tax reform plan has been worked on since Governor Healey was elected.
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Now that we have officially entered into the new year, we can expect a number of new laws to officially go into effect in Massachusetts. Several laws that have already passed and were just waiting to take effect are now officially rules of the land in this Northeastern state. Here are some of the most significant laws that are now effective in Massachusetts.

Tax Relief Plan

The newly elected Governor of Massachusetts, Maura Healey, who took office last year, made quick work on several of the laws that we see in action now. One such law is a bill that generates a plan for tax relief for people paying Massachusetts taxes. The plan increases the tax credit for a dependent child, with no end cap on the child or dependent count per account. The plan also increases earned tax income credit, decreases short-term capital gains taxes, and makes changes to housing taxes in order to generate more affordable housing.

An Extension to Deer and Wild Turkey Hunting Season

When it comes to hunting deer and/or wild turkeys in Massachusetts, archery is the legal way to do so. However, there is only a specific time of year in which this act is legal, and that hunting season is now longer starting in 2024. The season starts two weeks earlier than ever before in zones 1-9 of the Wildlife Management Zones. The season is still the same time of year, roughly beginning in October and ending just after Thanksgiving.

Reforms to Dental Insurance

A law regarding dental insurance actually goes back to 2022, when the bill was seen on the state election ballots. The law passed quickly and generates reforms for how dental insurance plans and rates will work now. Dental insurance rates are now regulated and required to spend at least 83% of their premiums on dental expenses for their members as well as to implement tactics to improve their quality. This money would likely be budgeted before to be applied to administration expenses. Additionally, any excess premium payments made on a customer’s account now has to be refunded back to the customer.

Lastly, while this is not a new law that is taking effect this year, there is a big law that is being voted on this year. This law is the question of whether or not to legalize psilocybin, or “magic mushrooms.” There are regulations already attached to this law, but this would make Massachusetts one of the few states in which this drug is legal.

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