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‘Nips’ To Be Banned After Hearing Held By City Council

You are currently viewing ‘Nips’ To Be Banned After Hearing Held By City Council
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Ricardo Arroyo from the City Council is making moves to ban mini alcohol bottles from the cradle of liberty. It’s all because the local Bostonians can’t quite be trusted with even the smallest example of Fireball. It’s all being discussed at Tonight’s city council meeting. Of course, representatives from the Boston Public Health Commission as well as the Licensing Board are approaching the council in order to discuss the benefits that such a ban on nips can have on the overall range of public health.

There’s plenty besides bad behavior that Boston believes nips are responsible for.

In the official city document, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has made it known that alcohol consumption could very well be responsible for beyond 95,000 deaths in the United States each year or 261 deaths per day.

Additionally, there is statewide belief that the sale of nips, also known as an alcoholic beverage sized to be around 100 milliliters, is likely to leave sad impacts on the health and well-being of Boston residents.

Certain Ordinances had stopped the sale of nips all around the area of Massachusetts, like Mashpee, Falmouth, Wareham, Chelsea and Newton.

Another reason that shows damaging circumstances for consuming nips, is relative to the likelihood of the bottles not being quite as biodegradable. There’s no chance that the bottles can be recyclable due to the small size of it.

If this does move forward, the Boston Licensing Board is able to, at their own discretion, will be able to impose a condition that nips and even zero containers of beer could be sold on the premises.

In a public statement, Ricardo Arroyo had this to say: “The data is clear that in cities that have banned the sale of nips there is a significant and positive impact on public health. We should put the wellbeing of our communities first by banning the sale of nips in Boston as well.”

They’re actually a pretty big deal. Almost a nuisance. All because about 10,000 nips had been collected in only less than two months in one specific instance at the Hyde Park neighborhood.

The banning in Chelsea has shown a significant decrease in alcohol-related emergency calls and public intoxication.

1,000 calls have been responded to by Chelsea police Captain Keith Houghton in the year of 2018 alone. These were all the circumstances that led to about 238 individuals that had been taken into custody while around 781 individuals had been hospitalized.

All this said, the Boston City Council may very well follow suit. Would you mind if nips were banned? Because it sounds like they’d prefer it.

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