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Open or Enclosed, Which Shipping Method Should You Choose?

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This is what the inside of an enclosed car shipping trailer looks like.
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For an upcoming move, there are a ton of decisions that need to be made. Some are very easy decisions, regarding whether or not you should ship your cars (you should) and who you should ship your cars with (us). However, there is one tough decision in the midst of these easy ones and that is which shipping method should you choose? Since you are shipping with us, you have the option of choosing open air auto transportation or enclosed auto transportation. In either scenario you will have a wonderful experience thanks to our great customer service and reliable drivers, so the decision really comes down to which shipping method best aligns with your needs!

For open air auto transportation, you would have your vehicle shipped on an open vehicle allowing you car to see the sunshine.

This shipping method is great for the average, “every car!” Our open air auto transportation gives your vehicle a shipping experience like none other! Your vehicle will be placed on a trailer which secures your vehicle in place with several secure locking mechanisms and supports, allowing your vehicle to remain tight and snug. From here, your vehicle is able to take a breather and enjoy the fresh air! This shipping method is perfect for the average car as it still provides great protection but for a low cost! This is also great shipping multiple vehicles at once, as most trailers that provide this shipping method are made to carry anywhere from 1-10 cars!

If you are looking for a little more security though, you can opt for our soft sides enclosed shipping. Soft sides enclosed shipping is essentially a combination of open and enclosed as it basically takes an open trailer and wraps canvas material around to provide a bit more protection from natural elements like the sun and rain.

If you want the strongest protection around, then hard sides enclosed auto transportation is the solution for you!

With hard sides enclosed auto transportation, you will have your vehicle shipped with a truck and trailer combination in which the trailer is a fully secure, often metal box that fits your car to be shipped perfectly! This will provide the same auto protection as open air, plus provide full coverage, secure protection against natural elements. This shipping method is recommended for luxury, vintage, and sports cars as it makes sure not even one single rain drop taints your vehicle!

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