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OSHA Proposes $1.3 Million in Penalties Over Deaths on East Coast

You are currently viewing OSHA Proposes $1.3 Million in Penalties Over Deaths on East Coast
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OSHA Federal workplace safety regulator, on Wednesday, has proposed $1.3 million in penalties for the construction company. Moreover, it has employed two men who died when, in fact, hit by a dump truck. Then pushed into a 9-foot (2.75-meter) deep trench at a sewer project in Boston back in February. They should obviously be holding accountable and responsible for this tragedy.

OSHA: Negligence is Clearly an Issue for the Construction Company

In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited the Atlantic Coast Utilities LLC/Advanced Utilities Inc., owner Laurence Moloney, and two associated companies for what it calls “a long history of ignoring the safety and health of its employees.”

Deaths of Employees

Tragically, Jordy Alexander Castaneda Romero, 27, and Juan Carlos Figueroa Gutierrez, 33, have both died in the February 24th accident. This is in the city’s Financial District.

Moreover, OSHA said in a statement, in fact, that the violations have including “the company’s refusal to train Romero, Gutierrez and other workers to recognize and avoid work-related hazards.”

OSHA Violations are Rampant and Extensive

The Atlantic Coast Utilities has “failed to conduct worksite inspections to identify and correct hazards. Those, in fact, include the risks of being struck by construction vehicles and other traffic. Then crushed or engulfed in an unguarded trench. Also, overcome by oxygen-deficient or toxic atmospheres in the trench and an adjacent manhole,” OSHA said.

In fact, the company has 15 business days to either pay the penalties or then contest them.

“Devastating” by the death and continuing to grieve what is Atlantic Coast Utilities said they are doing now in a statement.

Dealing with the Tragic Accident Properly and Responsibily

“Therefore, the company will, in fact, assess the actions taken by OSHA today. Then it will determine its next steps. These include contesting any assertion of company error or negligence,” the statement said. “In fact, it is clear that this was a tragic accident, and any attempt to portray it otherwise is both inaccurate and imprudent.”

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