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ParkBoston App Solves Parking Problems

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ParkBoston App is bigger and better than its predecessor
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It’s in with the new and out with the old. Parking in Boston is no easy feat. More than 4 million people need to find parking every day on the streets of Boston. The city made over $50 million in parking tickets between 2020 and 2021. A large chunk of these tickets come from expired meters. Nobody likes running back down to the street to feed the meter. The city of Boston tried to make it easier on its residents by creating an app. It was bulky, hard to use, and didn’t help anybody. This time, the city of Boston teamed up with ParkMobile LLC to launch a new app. With more features and a better user interface, it promises to be the parking solution Boston needs.

The ParkBoston App launched this week. The new app will service 7,000 parking spots around the Boston area. Inside the app, users can pay for parking, find nearby spots, get mobile alerts when their meter will expire, and be able to use more payment options than ever before. You can even extend your meter session right there in the app. Parking officials are excited about the app and hope its residents adopt it, unlike the unused app from before. Users can download the app on their website,

ParkBoston and ParkMobile Work in More than just Boston

ParkMobile LLC isn’t new to the parking app world. Currently, they run city-specific apps all over the United States. You can use their app in 8 of the 10 largest cities. Not to mention countless college campuses, airports, stadiums, and more. Those who have one app don’t even have to download an additional app if they travel. The company has years of experience in the transportation and mobility industries and understands the user experience. The city of Boston did the smart thing by partnering with ParkMobile. Government offices have a history of creating terrible technology. Outsourcing to the professionals allows the government to worry about governing and leave technology to the tech people.

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