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Parking Tickets Ease During Outbreak

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While Boston residents shelter in place, many raised concerns over the parking space where their cars reside. In response, the city eases the issuing of parking tickets and towing for most parking infractions during the coronavirus outbreak.

In an announcement on Sunday, Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh laid out the policy shift to the public. Standing before city hall, Walsh said, “Until further notice, the Boston transportation department will no longer be issuing tickets for expired inspection stickers or registrations.”

However, as recently as last week attendants issues parking tickets for failure to pay the meter. As reported by the Boston Herald, a ticket was spotted on the windshield of a silver Lexus on March 23. That car sat on an otherwise empty street. The offense runs the owner $35.

The policy shift creates more wiggle room for locals in their own neighborhoods. So long as a car features the respective permit sticker, its owner may park it in their neighborhood at meters or 2 hour spots without paying or moving.

Additionally, though street sweeping begins this week, Walsh stated no tickets will be issued for cars in the way of sweepers.

Parking Tickets Remain for Specific Cases

However, despite the leniency, certain rules still merit tickets. For example, if you park within a handicap spot, parking attendants still issue a ticket.

Additionally, cars parked in crosswalks or in front of fire hydrants also receive tickets or towing.

These exceptions serve the public safety. Pedestrians need safe walkways, and those with disabilities need reserved spaces nearer to front entrances.

Addressing handicap spaces, Walsh said during his press conference, “So don’t be sitting in there waiting for somebody to come out, or any type of handicapped spot because that is causing problems, we’re hearing.”

Perhaps to ease the misuse of handicap spots, the city is also creating 5 minute waiting zones directly in front of restaurants. With dine-in service presently on hold until further notice, take-out service picks up. 5 minute parking cuts down on customer walking.

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