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Quincy Market Reopens To Small Gatherings

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Photo Courtesy of Aschulkins
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Quincy market is one of the most popular areas of Boston. In fact, it is a staple of the city. It plans to open to the public in small amounts.

The market is opening for the first time in 3 months. COVID-19 is taking its toll on the city of Boston. With many businesses closing down, reopening during the virus poses problems.

With so many shops closing, the reopening of Quincy Market – a three building wide shopping center in the city, is detrimental for many businesses.

The event of reopening has a hint of celebrations in the air. Although it marks that businesses are opening, it also gives residents the idea that it is safe.

For Boston, the city has been able to handle the spread of the pandemic. With 20,000 confirmed cases, these results are exponentially low compared to places like New York City and Miami.

One of the largest issues facing many of these businesses is the rent. For months, they have not been able to pay rent. The lease holder, though, is expecting payments. While it has differed the payments for the months under quarantine, they are expecting those payments on top of the regular monthly payments.

Another issue for these businesses is the limited number of customers. COVID-19 still has many in their homes. Even if businesses are open to the public, it relies on the high-volumes of traffic to keep their business afloat.

The pandemic is limiting the level of income that many are relying on to keep a roof over their head. While these businesses are doing what they can to keep themselves going.

Many are stepping in to save Quincy Market. With kick-starters implementing various iconic businesses, the public is moving to help maintain the cultural integrity of the city.

For many of these businesses, the hope of business resuming is keeping them open.

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