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Random Acts Of Helpfulness: Honda And Their Philanthropy

You are currently viewing Random Acts Of Helpfulness: Honda And Their Philanthropy
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You’ve heard / seen / smelt / tasted / felt the advertisements before, right? Honda and their never ending quest to help every non-Honda owner with their infamous “Random Acts Of Helpfulness?” Do you ever wonder how those people get helped to begin with?

I figure it must be because of public desperation. And Facebook. Which often times, seem to be the one and the same. So who’s to say why they do it? It’s a major marketing campaign for sure that has spread all over the United States. But the point is, they do it.

And you’re welcome.

We Need More Random Acts Of Helpfulness That Are More 2020-Oriented

  • If Honda could be so kind as to assist their customers with COVID-19 testing centers, then that would be so amazing so as to prevent the spread of this disease that has made living life so lifeless.

  • Additionally, what if Honda sponsored the Black Lives Matter movement by having individuals drive in bullet-proof CR-Vs? That would definitely be the most political of Honda’s many Random Acts Of Helpfulness.

  • I think another avenue they can take with their goodwill would be to create drivers education centers for those who crash their cars all too quickly. (Provided that they are of Honda make-and-model.)

  • What if Honda was kind enough to give disabled folks their own swanky – and affordable – line of disability-sensitive vehicles to help them drive around town, pickup hot dates and take care of groceries? That would be helpful for sure!

  • I think what would really be neat for Honda to do is if they were able to turn their cars into their motorcycles. Like how the batmobile turned into the batcycle in those incessant The Dark Knight films. Gosh, I hate that trilogy so much. So unbelievably corny.

Anyway, get to helping, Honda. Your “random” acts can only be advertised for so long before they become predictable.

By the way, if you have a Honda, and you’d like to ship it elsewhere in the country, just ask us! We’ll give you a quote for free and make your shipping so fast, your worries will be of the past.

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  1. Sharon Perry

    I have a FB friend, Tracy White of Cross Lanes, West Virginia. She and her veteran husband raised 3 autistic boys. He is not recovering from Covid, January 2022, I must say, he was not supposed to survive, but his medical team and his determined loving wife have pulled him through, still has a long road ahead of him, but he is going to do it! The reason for my request, the youngest of the “boys” is not able to be totally independent, but before his dad became ill, his parents purchased a shell of pre-fab cabin for him to move into. During his father’s illness, things went slow, but as much as he tried to understand, it still isn’t ready for him to move into. I was just hoping that you would help finish what is needed, it isn’t much, but would be the most amazing gift to this young man and his family. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  2. Sharon Perry

    That should read, is now recovering from Covid.

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