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Robots Are The New Chefs At Spyce In Boston

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robotsRobots are slowly taking over human jobs and this restaurant is ahead in the game. Spyce, a new restaurant in downtown Boston has replaced the regular human cook with robots. The idea was started by Chef Daniel Boulud, who partnered up with a few Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers.

The restaurant has seven automated cooking pots that prepare the food. The bots only take 3 minutes to prepare each meal, sometimes even less! Michael Farid, a co-founder of Spyce, explains how the system of their kitchen works with the robots. He states, “We have an ingredient delivery system that collects from the fridge.” He also explains how everything is equally portioned and sent to the robots to be cooked. Once the food is done, the robots place the food in a bowl and it is ready to be served.

Spyce might just be the first restaurant to have robots as chefs that cook meals faster than any other dining place. When customers enter the restaurant, they first create their meals. They use touch-screens to place their order. Every bowl contains lots of veggies and grains. The menu also includes the number of calories each bowl has and a variety of cuisines from all around the world.
As people wait for their meals to be finished, their name appears electronically displayed on their bot chef with the list of their order. Before the bots place the food into the bowl, they get rinsed with hot water to get cleaned. The robots are visible to the customers. They wanted people to have a different experience and have fun while waiting for their food.

However, Spyce does have human employees. They have a person who greets customers at the entrance who is also there to assist with placing orders and answering questions. They have people who prepare the food at night for the next day. The restaurant also has employees who add final touches to the meals, like bits of cheese, seeds or cilantro before it is ready to be served.

The team of Spyce believes that these robots make the dining experience better. The restaurant’s motto is “culinary excellence elevated by technology.” While human-made meals are delicious and great to have, this experience is one of a kind and a must try.

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