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Student Auto Shipping

Student Auto Shipping

Getting into your dream school is a big deal. Young adults, even adults, who decide to continue their education usually move out of their residential city or state to go to a university of their choice. There is a lot of stress involved with moving especially if it’s your first time living on your own.

When you’re a student, you devote all your time to get a great education. Also, you spend lots of money on it. This is what your future depends on, so of course, you are trying your best.

Likely, you can’t work full time so you try to really watch your budget. And when you have to move your car, here is where we can help you. We realize that your place of study can be far from your hometown. But you can’t just leave your car, neither it is an option to drive all the way yourself. Don’t worry and call Boston Car Transport. Just mention to one of our agents that you’re a student, and we will give you a discount!

Student Auto Shipping With Boston Car Transport!

Save yourself from the stress and hassle. Let Boston Car Transport ship your car for you. Our services are affordable and reliable. We offer numerous different types of car shipping services. We even move non-running vehicles.

Boston Car Transport also ensures your car from the moment of pick up till the second of drop off. Our professional team has 10 years of experience. We have all the specific preparations to assist you and transport your car easily. Our two transport types are enclosed and open car transport. With enclosed vehicle carriers your car is shielded and is not at risk of exposure, in terms of road dust and other road dangers. Open auto transport is the cheaper alternative. Your car may be vulnerable to dust from the road and the carrier may carry more than one vehicle.

Do not miss out on our amazing discounts for Student Auto Shipping. Give Boston Car Transport a call today at 857-302-3744 for a free quote!