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Teen Arrested for Making Threats to Burn Down His School

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MARSHFIELD, Massachusetts – Police Department of Massachusetts has arrested a 19-year-old teen they say threatened to burn down the town and “take out” students at the local high school.

Wednesday night parents called to report the threats made on Instagram by Andrew Lomuscio, a recent Marshfield High School graduate. Officers quickly located him, and he was involuntarily committed for a mental health evaluation.

“Lomuscio threatened to burn down the town of Marshfield and to take out every last Marshfield Ram with a Glock while making shootings gesture with his fingers to his head,” the statement said.

It’s not a surprise that the authorities took this threat seriously. After all, mass violence in schools is becoming a serious issue in schools across the country. Previously, these incidents rarely escalated into actual violence, but too many parents are losing their children every year to this senseless violence. We’re glad the authorities are taking this seriously because any violence they can prevent is a huge positive.

Teen Arrested, Charged Over Instagram Post

He has been charged with threats to commit a crime, electronic threat to use a firearm to disrupt a school and threats to evacuate or disrupt a school. We are not sure at this time whether or not the young man has a lawyer.

He is being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing. The Marshfield superintendent has issued a no-trespass order against the young man. We’re glad that the courts are taking this seriously too, as Lomuscio could be an active threat to the community. Even if he isn’t, we hope he gets help so he doesn’t make threats like this again. Even if they don’t come to fruition, threats like this are not acceptable.

Marshfield is just a few miles southeast of Weymouth, MA. It has a bit under 26,000 residents, therefore making it a medium-sized town.

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