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The Mercedes-Benz Maybach is an EV Concept Luxury Car

You are currently viewing The Mercedes-Benz Maybach is an EV Concept Luxury Car
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Mercedes-Benz is showing off its electric Maybach EQs, which is a sumptuous concept car. The company is saying it is a preview of what the future of high-end electric cars may, in fact, look like. Therefore, the company has revealed the EV SUV at the IAA Mobility Show. This is where it was announcing a G-Class SUV concept. Thus a more attainable electric sedan.

Mercedes-Benz is One-Off Vehicle

The EQS concept doe not look that outlandish when it’s comparing to the existing Maybach GLS. Mercedes saying that the one-off vehicle is modeling on its modular electric architecture. In fact, it is the same one that powers its upcoming EQS sedan. Moreover, the company says that the concept is, in fact, meant to show off its vision for “a locally emission-free future,” without giving up the exclusivity and luxury of what the Maybach name does imply. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz does say the interior is supposing to remind you of a yacht. Wow! In fact, the SUV has something called a “Chauffeur package.” Talk about styling and profiling!

Ecologically-Friendly Option To Exist at Some Point

It would not hurt or be unreasonable for a more ecologically friendly option of the ultra-luxury segment Maybachs to exist in. The powered Maybach GLS has 4L V8. It, in fact, gets 15 MPG in the city. With 19 MPG on the highway. This is according to Edmunds.

For the ultra-luxury segment, Maybachs exist in, it wouldn’t hurt for a more ecologically friendly option to existing in the world. The gas-powered Maybach GLS has a thirsty 4L V8, which gets 15 MPG in the city and 19 on the highway. This is according to Edmunds. Moreover, the EVs are not obviously aren’t going to put a big dent in the outsized carbon emissions of the weather.

Mercedes-Benz Concept Car

Of course, going green isn’t going to come at the cost of feeling better than everyone that is around you. Mercedes concept car Maybach EQS is describing as: “its silhouette is “dynamic,” its design “seamless.”

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