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The Tesla Pickup Truck is Right Around the Corner

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There’s a new Tesla model coming to town… and it’s got everyone excited. In fact, CEO of the EV automaker, Elon Musk, claimed he is very excited for this new Tesla model. And it is not the Model Y crossover that recently came out. The new project? A Tesla pickup truck.

And while it does not yet have a name, this new pickup truck should come out sometime within this year. Apparently, back in December of 2017, Musk announced that the release of the pickup truck come after the Model Y – and we’ve reached that time.

And although it is unclear when, there are some ideas as to what the truck looks like and what it might be able to do. In fact, some rendered images are available to look at. Some believe that the new pickup resembles a Ram 1500. And, Tesla equipped the new pickup with a fold-down front liftgate. In addition, just like the other Tesla models, people expect the new pickup truck to have a “frunk.”

Tesla Pickup Truck Image Generates Hype

On Twitter, Musk released a teaser image of the truck, as well. This indicates that the truck should be released shortly. Or, at least, the design for the truck has been finished and finalized. As a result, in his Twitter post, Musk referred to the truck as the “Tesla cyberpunk truck.”

And this isn’t the only electric truck on the way to the mainstream. More are on the way, including the Rivian R1T and the Bollinger B2. Both of those trucks are on the way to production soon. In fact, even Chevrolet and Ford claim that they have electric trucks brewing in their respective companies.

What do you think of the new Tesla pickup truck? Will the other companies come up with something worthy of competition? Let us know!

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