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Toyota Takes Thrill to Land Down Under With 2022 RAV4 Hybrid

You are currently viewing Toyota Takes Thrill to Land Down Under With 2022 RAV4 Hybrid
Toyota Offers 2022 RAV4 Hybrid and Other Vehicles
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Toyota has come up with a solution for some customers because the automotive industry is facing many unprecedented challenges at the moment. There are new-vehicle shortages that will affect buyers in Australia and abroad.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and Other Nine Toyota Models

The RAV4 Hybrid or nine other Japanese carmaker models. It is now really as simple as downloading a smartphone application. Use Bluetooth to unlock a vehicle’s door and then drive away.

Also, Toyota has entered the car rental business. It will look to take on GoGet with its new subsidiary, Kinto, it has now gone national following what is called a soft launching that has starting last June. It is five locations across three states.

Also, Kinto has launched Australia-wide in 45 locations. It would include some carmaker dealerships and regional areas. It would make its fleet of Japanese dealer vehicles has to be available to a large base of customers.

Kinto does use its app to make the process very easy, unlike traditional car rental businesses, limiting (digital-only) paperwork along the way. Also, once they do find a Japanese carmaker vehicle does suit their needs. Moreover, customers can access it remotely and then go about their day.

Tailor Made For Customers That Fit all Their Needs

The available Toyota models do include the Prius C and Yaris light hatchbacks, Corolla small car, Camry mid-size sedan, C-HR small SUV, RAV4 mid-size SUV, Kluger large SUV, HiLux mid-size ute, and HiAce mid-size van.

Also, each vehicle then can be renting via the Kinto app for an hour. In addition, an hour, day, a week, 30 days, or 60 days. There is a flat rate and cost per kilometer moreover did depends on the Toyota model and duration is chosen.

Kinto is already preparing for the electric vehicle (EV) future while there are multiple Toyota Hybrid models are currently available. There are plans in place for its fleet of passengers to be hybrid-only soon.

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