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Truck Driving in High Winds

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With Boston winter weather comes difficult Boston roads. This is especially a problem for truck drivers. While snow, ice, and rain can be tricky for all drivers, truck driving in high winds can be very difficult and dangerous. High winds are sometimes underestimated.

But, any driver who has experienced it knows the difficulty firsthand. The drive becomes risky for both you and other drivers on the road. So, before heading out into the windy streets, take a look at some of these tips for driving trucks in high winds.

Check Forecast and Wind Speeds

Before starting your drive, it is important to check the forecast. Are there any high winds predicted for the area of your drive? What are the speeds of the winds? Winds up to 60 miles per hour can actually overturn a trailer. So, it is better to know what weather conditions you’ll be facing beforehand in order to better prepare. Wind speeds from 40 miles per hour and up are dangerous for your truck, but can be manageable if less than 60, depending on the weight of the load you have.

And, before heading out into the windy drive, you should also double check your truck. Make sure everything is secure when you inspect your truck before leaving. This will help avoid any damages or shifting due to the wind and shakiness of the trailer.

Your Safety is Top Priority

Another tip to consider is using an alternative route to get to your destination. While you might have to drive longer to avoid truck driving in high winds, it can be worth it for safety and security. If another route is not helpful enough, simply stop driving.

If the wind conditions are hitting your trailer so badly that you can’t drive anymore, the best option is to pull over in a safe area and park. The best places to park are usually behind bigger buildings that block the wind, or park facing the wind. Your safety should be your top priority!

So, don’t let the winds blow you off course. Keep these tips in mind when truck driving in high winds, and stay safe on the roads for the remainder of this winter season!

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