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Ways to Ensure Safe Driving in Spring

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Spring is a great season in Boston.
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Here in Boston, spring has sprung! We are happy to welcome early days of warmer weather as we start to finally bid goodbye to the cold. The days are still not quite summer days, but we are able to go out and enjoy the sunshine a bit more! With that said, it is important to remember the ways to enjoy the weather and be out and about while still remaining safe and sound. Here are our top tips to stay safe when hitting the Boston roads this spring!

Be aware of the chances of rain still!

Spring does not always mean perfectly clear skies. In fact, it often does not. After all, there is a phrase “April showers bring May flowers” for a reason! So, be aware of the chances of rain at any time! Be prepared for the rainfall by taking the proper precautions with your car. For example, make sure your headlights are fully functional before driving. Additionally, make sure your tires are in good condition. When you begin driving, make sure you slow down to increase the distance between you and the car in front of you. Drive slowly and cautiously when in rain to avoid hydroplaning.

Prepare for increased animal activity!

Many animals come out of hibernation, or their own form of winter hiding, in the spring. Since their activity declined during the colder months, they usually are most active in the spring. This means that animals may run into the street or be surrounding the street more often. Because of that, it is important to be on the lookout and ready in case one happens to approach your vehicle or the road.

Be careful with your spring allergies.

Spring allergies can affect your driving in a variety of ways. Frequent sneezing and coughing can serve as a distraction when behind the wheel. Additionally, allergy medication can severely affect you. Many common over the counter medications can cause drowsiness. Be aware if any medication you take to aid in your allergies has this side effect and plan how you take it accordingly. Avoid driving on any sort of medication that has this side effect.

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