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Winter Blunderland: Tips To Avoid Snowbird Snafus In The Coming Months

You are currently viewing Winter Blunderland: Tips To Avoid Snowbird Snafus In The Coming Months
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Winter is quickly approaching us, here in the United States of America. But, if you’re not careful, you just might be stuck in an unbearable state of anxiety! The snow is no walk in the park for a trucker, whose job is difficult enough as is. So the best thing you can do is to prepare. Prepare for what could possibly be the coldest winter this Earth has ever seen. And there are many ways that you can do that. You could truck through different routes, have a buddy come along to keep you awake or even just quit your job. But sometimes, the best plan of attack is a blueprint for survival. It’s about longevity and making it to the finish line, after all. Take a chance on it and read up on these five ways you’re likely to make it back home, just in time for the holidays.

When There’s Winter, There’s Shovels

No need to grovel about your situation, should you come across a road littered with snow. Just take this handy tool and plow it away. Off and forward you go!

Hammer Time (Featuring Putty Knife)

We’ve all got ice in low places. Where the chill is strong, even in the warmest spaces! So bring with you some chiseling tools, like a hammer and a putty knife to put the end-all to the metal! That’ll show the nippy weather something else.

Stash Some Cash

Your best bet during Corona Virus is to limit as much contact as possible by using credit or debit cards. But considering that having something effective is better than risking hunger in the midst of a snow storm, you’ll want to keep cash on you. That way, you can still pay for food in the case that the machines are hibernating for the winter.

Kitty Litter… Yeah, you heard me.

Believe it or not, spreading the same stuff of covering your cat’s tracks strengthens your trucks tracks! Even if it’s just sand or salt, that type of material is able to give your ride additional traction through slippery situations.

Lastly, full meals fulfilling your ordeals!

Restaurants are going to be closed down anyway. Best get to the supermarket too before they hunker down in their bunker as well.

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