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You’re A Mean One, COVID-19! But We’re Still Buying Christmas Trees!

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Even during the holidays, the pandemic isn’t likely to let up. So that said, the show must go on! Especially during a season as significant as the holidays! Luckily, trucks are still filling their freight capacity with pine trees by the dozens! Perhaps, shipping these evergreens are so popular this year due to the stay-at-home orders that have sprung throughout the country.

Trucks Are Taking Trees (to your) Home For Christmas

This is still very concerning, however, as the extra volume is becoming offset by higher costs and a lower amount of truckers available to actually run the jobs. Experts in perishables believe that there have been tree sales clocking in around 18 million to 20 million his year. But truly the numbers are flying closer to 22 million for 2020.

Some companies have been able to move anywhere from 60 to 80 Christmas trees to retailers in various states, averaging 700 trees per truck. Because of COVID-19, these trees are going through more hoops! They have been iced more often on site than on the road in the past. But nowadays, they’re getting iced on the road, in reverse of what the trucks would have to endure to cross state lines.

There’s something to be said about everyone in this scenario. The truckers are brave for loading cargo like this during the cold winter months, the families receiving these trees refuse to let a virus dampen their spirits… As for the virus itself? Who really can say what family it will stay with for the thousands of nanoseconds it actually does decide to go on break for? Cousin Swine Flu? Grandpa SARS? Aunt Chicken Pox?

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