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Young People Flood Bars Amid COVID-19 Increase

You are currently viewing Young People Flood Bars Amid COVID-19 Increase
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Boston, MA – Young people are flocking to their favorite local bars amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the currently massive influx in confirmed cases, many still believe that they are not at risk of the virus.

Bars and restaurants across the city are what many rely on for entertainment. The summer season was expected to rejuvenate the area but COVID-19 has put a halt to that.

The city is located in the North East. The winter months are long, hard and arduous for many. This leaves the populace to stay inside for extended periods of time.

Now that the summer is here, many aren’t willing to continue with the stay-at-home protocols.

Dr. Anthony Faucci has expressed major concerns over the filled businesses.

“It’s that a risk for you is not just isolated to you, because if you get infected, you are in part, innocently or inadvertently, propagating the process of a pandemic.”

Other Bostonians have different views.

“We’re going to outdoor seating, so we’re not in an indoor space where it’s all claustrophobic,” one patron said.

“I definitely trust the restaurants and the bars and everything – cleaning everything and having six feet apart,” said another.

Young People Have Seen An Increase In COVID-19 Confirmed Cases

Throughout the United States, many younger people are showing signs of the COVID-19 virus. This is in part to the rapid reopening of many states despite the virus still ravaging the country. Over the past week, reports of confirmed COVID cases have sky-rocketed. Many of these cases are afflicting young and able-bodied persons. Three states, Arizona, Florida, and Louisiana have all seen massive spikes in cases.

These states are also undergoing their reopening process. To their dismay, they have also put many residents at-risk of contracting the virus. Each state is seeing unprecedented levels of cases.

In order for states to reopen, businesses must adhere to strict sanitation guidelines.

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